Hi, I'm Maggie

"Uncle Nash, who's this?" I ask.
"Maggie.. this is your mom."
Maggie is now thirteen, and Casey has been gone for nine years, and she can't just walk back in like nothing happened! Can she?


4. Four

Beep. Beep.

I groan and roll over, turning off the alarm. I try to go back to sleep, when my door opens and a pillow hits me. Shortly after, an outfit and my brush. "Get up, asshole."  Nathan's voice fills my ears.

I lift one finger, and he laughs. "We have school, idiot." He walks out and I get ready.

When I walk downstairs, Mahogany has breakfast ready. "Ooh, pancakes!" I grin and dig in. 

"Alright you two, ten minutes until the bus gets here. Chop chop!" Jack yells, and I simply lift a finger to him while I stuff my mouth.

Jack laughs and takes a seat, shoveling pancakes into his mouth. Ten minutes later, Nathan and I are on the bus, goofing off like usual.

"What's a fish with no eyes called?" He asks


"You're a fucking idiot."


It's kind of weird living with Nate, but it's also kind of normal since I'm over there so much. I mean, his parents have been in my life since I was young. I remember when they adopted him, even. It's crazy. Mahogany is more of a mom to me than my own is.

My phone goes off, and I see Mahogany's text. Her contact name is Momma M, and I laugh at a picture of Nate and I when we were like, five.

It's his birthday, and we both have cake everywhere. I show it to Nathan and we laugh. "Hey, what's the plan today?" I ask.

"Bob's and pizza." He replies, and I squeal excitedly. Bob's is this river that we go tubing down. It's the best!

"Heck yes!" I shout. We walk off the bus, soon being greeted by all of our friends. Josh, Danny, and Sky are as pumped as I am for Bob's. We all walk to homeroom together, the one class that has all five of us.

"So, what are you gonna do about your mom? Shouldn't she be the one staying somewhere else?" Sky asks.

I shrug. "It's whatever. I've got my Gilinskeys. I'm good." I grin as the bell rings and Mrs.Thompson starts taking roll.

I do wonder the same thing as Sky though. That's my home, not her's. I also have all the questions racing in my head. Will she tell me why she left? How come it took nine years for her to come around? What did I do to make her leave me?

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