Percy and Reyna

Percy Jackson Reyna one shots or more:))


1. Annabeth leaves me

I was in my cabin thinking about the fact that my girlfriend Annabeth left me for Jason Grace son of Jupiter.I was only a little hurt because I realized awhile ago that I didn't love her I was actual in love with Reyna Jason's ex-girlfriend but still it kinda I went to my cousin Hazel's and her boyfriend Frank's house Hazel was my favorite cousin she was just so sweet when I got there I saw someone who I wasn't expect it was Reyna and she was more beautiful than last time I saw her(below is her)after saying hi  I ran to Hazel room I was sure if I stayed any longer I would have said something stupid after talking to Hazel she convinced me to ask Reyna out so I went back out there and told her I had loved her ever since I had meet and I realized it was true ever since I had meet her she was always the most important thing in my life when she said yes 


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