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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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3. Two

The next morning, Jade stopped by early to have breakfast at my apartment. I had my old Calculus notebook open on the island counter, staring at her. I couldn't hide it from her any longer, taking that what happened yesterday. I had to tell her.   

"Alright," she said taking a sip from her mint tea. "Your English professor gave you this note, drove you home, and you had a minor panic attack."  

I nodded again.  

Jade reread the note and took another sip of tea. "How old did you say he was?" She asks.  


Jade spit out her tea, landing on me. I took the cloth on the counter and wiped my face.  

"Fuck, 22? He's like 20 years younger than any professor here. That explains—this, Mara—"  

She was interrupted by someone knocking on the door. I walked to the door and swung it open. Outside, a UPS guy stood with a clipboard in his hand and a huge box on the floor. I don't remember, ordering anything online. Weird.  

"Miss Mara?" UPS guy asked.  

I nodded.  

"Please sign here," he said handing me his clipboard. I signed the paper that I didn't read and gave it back to him. "Have a good day Miss." And he left. I looked down at the huge box, it was addressed to me. Pushing it in, with my foot, Jade appeared by my bed as I sat on the floor.  

"Who's it from?" Jade asked.  

I shrugged. "Don't know."  

I began to open it; ripping the tape and extra packaging. A wooden box, that was nicely polished and shined; had a small crest as the lock. I opened it. My eyes widen; 3 of the books we were going to read and my English textbook were in here. Including my Calculus and Art History textbook. But I didn't order this. And right there, inside the lid; a note.   

A gift from the Honors program. xx –Harry  

I handed the note to Jade and she spit right at my face with her tea. I took a taxi to school, Jade had to go work and couldn't drive me. I didn't know how to drive. It's a thing I don't talk much about. As he pulled up in front of the English department, my stomach began to twist my guts. I paid the driver and got out the car. Putting on my backpack with my Calculus textbook in my hand, and I braved myself taking small steps towards the building. Upstairs were all the English professors' offices. Down the very quite hall, I looked at the doors; reading each name to myself. When finally, in perfect carved out, thin letters; Mr. Styles. I put my hand on the door knob and opened it. Inside, an older women, maybe in her thirties was sitting behind a wooden desk.   

"E-Excuse me," I squeaked.   

She looked up and smiled. "May I help you miss?"  

"I-I'm here to see Mr. Styles," I stuttered.  

She typed in her laptop, nodding her head continuously. "He's inside," she spoke up and pointed at the door to the left.  

I thanked her and slowly walked towards the door. I knocked softly, hearing a voice speak from behind. Opening it, the same smell of cologne hit me right in the face. I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed.   

"Mara?" Harry's voice said from farther in the room.   

Walking in he was dressed in dark blue slacks, shined dress shoes and a black button-up shirt. His curly hair was up in the same bun. He looked so good. I stopped and slapped myself, mentally. I closed the door behind me and he looked up. A glimmer flicked in his eyes.   

"Miss Mara," he spoke up. "To what do I owe your lovely surprise."  

"Y-Your gi-ift, professor. It took me by surprise, I can't accepted it."  

Harry frowned and stood up. "But you have your Calculus textbook with you."

I flushed. Looking down at the textbook that was safely wrapped in my arms and close to my chest. "I need it for today. But I promise you, I'll give it back with the rest."

I couldn't take my eyes away from him as he gracefully walked towards me. My words were trapped in my throat and my knees began to weaken. His green eyes stared back at me, not breaking any contact. Just as he was right in front of me, I took a whiff of his cologne and sneezed.   

"You're sick?" He asked.   

I shook my head. "I'm allergic to your—ACHOO!—cologne, professor."  

"I'm sorry Miss Mara," Harry apologized. "About the books, I can't take them back. They're a gift, from the program."  

"But—ACHOO!—how am I going to repay the program back." I started the panic.  

Harry took noticed and quickly grabbed hold of my hands. Bringing them up to his lips. My eyes closed, feeling his lips softly brush against the back of my hands. I took small breathes before opening my eyes and staring back him. I smiled weakly at him. He lead me to a chair by his desk and I took a seat.   

"You don't need to worry, cause," Harry paused. Searching my eyes and smirked at me. "I paid the books for you Miss Mara."  

My eyes widen in shock. "B-But w-why? I mean—yesterday and now this. W-Why Harry?"  

"I care," he said.   

I look up to meet his eyes, but what surprised me is that he so close to me. His lips were—I swear—inches away from mine. I can feel him breathing. Harry held himself on both of the arm holds of the chair I sat on. His green eyes gazed down at my lips, biting his own, and looked back at me.   

"I want you," Harry whispered.  

I gulped. Just as his lips were nearing mine, there was I knock on the door. His head fell down and stood right back up. The lady from the front desk walked in, saying his 4:30 appointment was here and closed the door. I gathered all the air I still had in my lungs. Harry, ran his fingers through his hair. I stood up slowly. He sat back behind his desk, scribbling something down his notepad.   

"You can now leave, Miss Mara."  

Looks like Mr. Styles is back. I didn't say anything back to him, just grabbed my backpack and walked out his office. Redhead was here, dressed in a tight mini skirt and crop top. Her hair was perfectly curled and styled. Maybe she had a thing with Mr. Styles as well. She smiled at me as she walked past me. I smiled back. Then I looked down at what I was wearing. Same jeans from Monday, floral top and my white Creepers. Maybe that's why Mr. Styles never took a second glance at me. But the books and yesterday. Nothing of this makes any sense. And right now, I had to clear my mind. Calculus was my next class and we have an early exam based on the email. The Maths department was just next to the English one. Making a turn to the left of the hall, my body bumped into another. I fell hard on the floor.   

"Oh jesus, I am so so sorry," the person said.   

I said, "it's alright—I guess."  

They held out their hand and I took it looking up at them. Beautiful hazel eyes stared back at me. He was a bit lighter than me, medium length hair that was black, and he smelled like aftershave. He pulled me up to quick and I pumped into his chest.   

"Sorry," I muttered.   

He chuckled. "It's okay. I'm Zayn Malik, art major."  

"Mara Zaragoza, Latin literature major."  

"A pleasure Mara, where were you heading in such a hurry."  

It wasn't even a question, he knew I was in a hurry. "Uh, Calculus," I said.   

"Sweet, I was going to drop this essay at my professor. Care to join me?"  


"Yeah," I squeaked.   

Zayn also had Calculus and confessed that he didn't study at all. Math wasn't his favorite subject and for sure it wasn't mine. I, on the other hand, studied this morning—sort of. After Zayn dropped off his essay, we walked our way to Calculus. 

 As we got into the elevator, someone called out to wait for them. And I froze,
seeing a pair of green eyes look right at me. 

"Miss Mara," he said sternly. "I thought you'd be gone by now."

"I-I-I bumped into Zayn on my way out. We have calculus together."

Zayn took out his hand for Harry to shake. He looked at him and back at his hand. Harry shook hands with Zayn, but something was different. His face expression was hard and stern. He didn't smile nor said a hello. Odd, Harry looked like someone who likes to talk a lot. It was an awkward silence though, I stood right in middle. Harry on my right and Zayn on my left. 

"You busy tonight Mara?" Zayn finally spoke up.

I shook my head.

"A friend and I are going out for dinner, maybe you can invite someone."

"I'd like that," I said. 

The elevator stopped and I was the first one out. 

"Miss Mara," Harry spoke up. "A word?"

I told Zayn that I'll catch up with him and to save me a seat in class. Filling my dignity up with courage, I walked towards Harry. 

"Yes, Mr. Styles," I said coolly.

"Harry, if you don't mind," he said. "I don't like you going out with him."

I scoffed. "I just met him."

"What we had in my office. You didn't feel anything?"


"N-No. You're a professor, I'm a student. It's practically unaccountable. B-Besides, Zayn is a student."

Just as I finished saying that, Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me behind the building. In the most shadiest part and pushed me against the wall. "Zayn must be a student, but I can give you much more, love. Much more." And he smashed his lips against mine. My hands tried to push him back but he was stronger than me. I gave in too quickly, my hands pressed against his chest. His hands fell on my waist, pulling me closed to him. My back bumped on to the wall as my arms snaked around his neck. The heat and eager in this kiss was making my mind do back flips. The taste of his lips against mine; mint and toothpaste. Harry pressed his fingers on my hips; my fingers played with the ringlets of his hair. He moaned softly on my lips and my knees buckled. Harry licked the bottom of my tongue, but I denied it. This was happening to fast. 

My lips separated from his. "Harry," I barely whispered. But he kissed me again, only softly and shorter. Pressing his forehead onto mine, we were catching our breaths. 

"You're driving me insane, Mara." He whispered.

I blanked out. "I-I-I real-ly need to go t-to class."

Making my way out of his embrace, I grabbed my backpack and walked as fast as I can to my Calculus class. I didn't look back. If I did, I would want so much than that kiss and even if I wanted to believe his words; they were too good to be true. 


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