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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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23. Twenty-Two



Later at noon, after brunch, Harry was giving me a grand tour of his hometown. It was such a peaceful place. It was beautiful. He was taking me to the bakery that he used to work at. He was telling about those days in college—working in the morning and going to Cambridge at the evening for his classes. We walked side by side. The cool summer breeze blowing past us. My hair was down cause it's too short to put up, and I wore a light sweater with denim jeans and some ballet flats. Harry wore a Rolling Stones T, black jeans, and brown combat boots. His hair was down, and drying from the shower we took together. An after sex shower, he called it. 

When we arrive, we enter from the back. It smelt so delicious and it was toasty and warm inside. "Barbara," Harry called out. He takes his hand in mine and intertwines are fingers together. It was way bigger than mine, but it fit perfectly. An elderly women peeked her head out from the front, and squealed when she saw Harry. She walks towards us and hugs Harry tight around the waist, "I was hoping when you'd visit. Who's your lovely friend?" Barbara looks over at me with a soft smile. Her glasses fixed up. "Barbara, I'd like you to meet Mara." Harry introduces me. I smile at her, and wave shyly. She reaches towards me, and pulls in for a hug. "It's so nice to finally meet you. Harry comes by sometimes to help, and he talks about you all the time." Harry groans from behind me. I turn and see him turn a deep red. I couldn't help but giggle. I watched Harry help around the bakery; serving customers and making the dough, and putting it in the oven. We take a loaf with us, it's warm against my chest. Saying goodbye to Barbara, Harry takes me to the next destination; an ice cream shop. 

"I come here all the time," he says. "They've got outstanding flavors."

He shows me a huge grin on his face. I like Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel. He feels like home. We walk in and order our cones. Harry gets strawberry and I got vanilla. It has always been my favorite flavor. We sit out of the shop, at the tables. Sitting right across from each other, licking our ice cream. I place the paper bag on the table and the book I carried with me. The red book from the bookstore back at Portland. The one with the amazing poetry, and golden crest on the cover. "What's that?" He asks me. Harry pointed at the book. I look at the book and brush my hand over the cover. "It's a poetry book," I told him. Harry grabs it and flips through the pages. His eyes scanning the pages that he was reading. "They're one of my favorite authors," I spoke up. "It's anonymous, even though they're initials are printed on the book. I searched them up, but zero answers. They're biography is quite short—H. Edward." I say the initials in a whisper. 

I hope when I find you,
it's like the other times.
My heart beats, and I'm lost
for words.
I've felt this before, but
I'm afraid.
What if the universe is 
playing tricks on me?
I found love, and I got
lost within.
I'm lost within your
beauty and mystery.
My stars have shined, and 
the planets aligned. 
My universe, I have found it.
Inside you.

I finished quoting one of my favorite poems. Gazing up at Harry, he looks at me with such tentative eyes. The green sort of illuminates brighter as the sunlight hits them. I lick my vanilla ice cream that's already melting and stuck on my fingers. Harry places the book down in front of him, his hand covering it. He breathes in and looks to the park that was in front of the shop. He was remembering something, and it was taking over him. The way his shoulders dropped and how he leaned back on the chair. "I know them," he says in such a low voice. So audible, I hardly heard him. "What?" I questioned. He looks at me. "H. Edward is my middle name. Harry Edward Styles." My ice cream falls on the ground, but I ignore it. He's the poet that I crave day and night. The one poet that spoke words so truthfully. I chuckled softly. Wiping the sticky vanilla off my hands. I bite my bottom lip to hide the smile. "You're secret is safe with me." I smile at him and he smiles back. The book and the poems are forgotten. Is this why he's so rich? Did his poems paid him so much? Or maybe not. Maybe there was more, I'm yet to discover. 

We continued to walk around the park that was quiet and alone. Harry and I laid on the grass, pointing our fingers to the sky. Creating images with the clouds and making up stories. I closed my eyes as Harry began telling me about his trip to Russia. Just hearing his voice and breeze pass by was just as calm. Then suddenly I felt a pull on my arm. Panic jolt up to my chest. "Babe, get up. We're leaving." Harry says quite quickly. I get up to my feet, and wipe the grass off my jeans. At the street the same black Range Rover awaits us. Harry swings his arms around me, shielding me from something or someone. I saw a light flash in the corner of my eye. That when I turned—nothing. Then I heard a loud rumble up in the sky; I looked up to see the sky was dark and a drop of water fell on my nose. "It's just rain," I told him. Harry opens the door for me and I get in. He closes it and gets in the passengers seat. Alfred, is on the drivers seat. "Hola, Alfred," I greet him. "Good evening Miss Mara," he greets me. Rain suddenly starts pouring hard against the window. Thunder roars in the dark skies. Harry's on his phone typing furiously fast. "I didn't want you to get sick, babe." Harry says out of nowhere. But I know what he meant. He turns to smile at me. 

We're driving in silence. I draw figures on the fogged up window. It has been a long drive. Are we at his house yet? We stop suddenly. Finally, I thought. Harry get's out first with an umbrella, and opens my door. When I hop off, we're not his his house. "My dad's cabin. We'll be staying here for a while." He says. We walk up the gate and the bricked pathway to the door. Harry takes out his keys and opens the door wide for me to go in first. I walk in an look around. Art replicas hung on the wall, black and white photographs, and a few family photos. A fireplace was lit, and it was warm inside. "I had Alfred bring your belongs. They're in the room down the hall. Go change into something comfortable." Harry points me at the direction to the bedroom. I walk and when I turn he's gone.

I change into some sweats and put on one of Harry's old T-shirts. I put on warm socks and head to the living room. Leaning on the wall, I admire him as he's fixing the fire. The thought of me pleasing him runs through my mind. I brush my fingertips across my lips and close my eyes. Imagining me, being dominant on Harry. I bit my lip. "What are you thinking about?" Harry's voice enters my thoughts. My eyes flew open and he's dusting ashes off his jeans. "N-nothing," I stutter. Harry looks up and he sees and I'm wearing one of his shirts. A smirk appears on his lips. He walks towards me. My heart beating inside my ears. "Did I ever tell how hot you look in my clothes?" I shake my head, blushing. His lips find the crook of my neck, and began leaving new love bites on too of the old ones. "H-Harry," I stutter. He hums against my neck. I was figuring out a way to tell him. But none of the sentences that were in my mind sounded right. From my quietness, Harry stops what he's doing. "Baby girl, what's the matter?" He pinches my chin and lifts it up so we see eye-to-eye. My fingers fiddle with his t-shirt. The words stuck in my throat. Without me telling him an answer, he walks us to the couch. Harry lays across the couch, and he tells me to go on top of him. My heart is beating so fast, I swear I was so nervous. I do as told. But first, I take off my sweats. Harry takes off his boots and jeans. His hand takes hold of mine and he leads me to get on top of him. 

Harry places a large pillow between his head and armrest. I've got both my legs beside his thighs. Harry sits up at bit and takes off his shirt. His tattoos exposed on his toned body. He takes my hand and places it on his chest. "We're taking things slow, my Mara." I nod. Slowly, his hand leads me down his body—feeling him. It takes me back that one moment we had at his place in Portland. He does it again and again, until he lets go of my wrist and I'm touching him. Both my hands running down his body. Feeling his chest, ribs, and abs. Harry's hands are placed on my waist. I look up at him. His eyes are close and he's biting his lip. He stops me. 

Opening his eyes and he takes my hand and places them above his head. "Kiss me," he whispers. I lean towards him, till my lips are brushing against his. Harry doesn't do anything. He's waiting for me to make the first move. My lips kiss Harry's. Tasting the the sweet strawberry from earlier. His hands go back to my waist and he begins to rock me. My tongue slips into his mouth and he moans into my mouth. "Mara," my name falls out of Harry's lips. I rock myself against him. Feeling in control—I kiss his jaw and down his neck. Trying to find his weak spot. He grips tighter on my waist, as I move rhythmically. I can feel him grow under me, and I'm not afraid. I find it. Harry moans as I graze my teeth on his skin; making him feel vulnerable under my touch. Just when I finish my fourth love bite, I kiss down his chest. I made sure I kissed every inch of him.

When I kiss his torso, my fingers play with the hem of his briefs. Harry stops me. "Not today, baby girl. Just please me with your touch." He takes my hands and places it on his bulge. My heart in my throat and I can feel myself begin to shake. He sits up and and leans closer to my ear—biting my earlobe. "Palm me," his breathe hot by my ear. I look down at our hands. Harry's large hand covering mine. I do as told, and with a little of his help—I palm his bulge. I rub my hand on him, and kiss him below his ear. Harry's head rests on the crook of my neck. His breathing rising. 

"Talk dirty to me," his words surprise me.
I think of something quick. "D-Do I m-make you feel g-good?" I whisper at his ear.
"Yes, Miss Mara."
"Y-You l-like it?" I swallow the lump in my throat.
"Yes, Miss Mara. You make me so hard and vulnerable."

Harry moans against my neck. I feel wetness against the fabric of his briefs. "Taste me," he whispers. He lifts his head off my neck and looks directly into my eyes. My hand is wet from his cum, and I take my index finger and put it in my mouth. When done, Harry kisses me hard. We part, catching our breathes. "You did so well, Mara. It's only the beginning." He gets up from the couch and collects his clothes. "You mind showering with me." It wasn't a question. I take his hand and he leads me to the bathroom.

We're laying on the floor in the living. It's a cold night, and we're bundled up in blankets and pillows. The fire cackled. I traced the birds on his trace while he played with my hair. "How do you feel?" He asks me. "I'm alright. And you?" I gaze up at him, and he smiles shyly at me. "I'm fine. But, it surprises me how in control you can be. It's sexy." I slap him on the chest and he chuckled loudly. My head resting on his chest and my eyes are drifting to sleep. Harry kisses the top of my head. I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him tightly. I close my eyes, and fall asleep.


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