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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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22. Twenty-One



The next morning, I woke up feeling kissed softly on the neck. I wiggled in their embraced and stretched my arms out. Pushing them away from me. But they only gripped tighter on my waist and kissed me more. I giggled. It tickled, and I was a ticklish person. The other person chuckled as well. My eyes widen, to see Harry smiling a lopsided grin. I was startled, pulling the cover up to my face. Then I peeked under the bed sheet—I let out a sigh of relief. I was wearing my pajamas. No sex. Harry traced my thighs with his finger; drawing small circles. His eyes stared at mine. What a memorizing morning. To wake up next to him. I placed my hand on his cheek, caressing it. He moved his head and kissed my palm. "Morning, my Mara," he said in his raspy morning tone. "Buenos dias," I whispered. Harry leaned in and stole a small kiss from me. We enjoyed this moment. Us.

Anne called our names from downstairs. I flipped the duvet and swung my legs and touched the cold tiled floor. I was going to get up, but Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back down. "Harry," I squealed. "Just a little longer," his hot breath on my neck. I checked the time and it was seven in the morning. I laid back and Harry straggles on top of me. The cross hanging from his neck, legs against my sides and his arms propped on the sides of my head. He leans in and he kisses me. Very passionately, that I melt in the kiss. His tongue slips in and my fingers tangle in Harry's curls. His hands move to my hips and his fingers press hard on my skin. 

From my lips, Harry moves to my jaw, then neck, and collar bones. His hand travels underneath my T-shirt, and up towards my chest. I wasn't wearing a bra, cause they are difficult to sleep with. Harry's large hand squeezes on of my boobs. I gasp escapes my lips. It's so new from him, and I'm getting turning on. His other hand is still on my hips. "Take off your shirt," he says. I freeze under him. He hasn't seen me naked from the upper body. Harry kisses my lips for reassurance. I breathe in and then out, before sitting up and taking off my shirt. My rolls show and boobs are exposed to him. Harry smirks. My heart is beating so fast, I think it might rip out my chest. Harry takes his hands and places them on my waist. Moving up slowly—feeling every part of me. I close my eyes and feel his large hands cover my body. The warmth sensation I'm starting to feel. His fingers trace the bottom of my boobs, I large lump on my throat forms an its hard to swallow. 

"My Mara," he whispers. He pulls me up to his laps. My arms linked around his neck. 

Harry starts kissing my neck, leaving dark love bites, and wet spots. I lean my head back exposing more. His hand touches my neck, following down to my boob and squeezes it hard. I moan. The feeling turning me on. When his lips reach lower from my chest, they brush against my nipple. My hands tangled in the ringlets of his curls. He leaves soft kisses. Sucking on them, and squeezing them. Leaving purple marks on both my boobs. Harry lays me on my back again. Kissing from my stomach to my bellybutton—his hands gripping tight on my shorts. I grip tight on the bed sheets, breathing heavily. My shorts are taken off along with my panties. I am completely naked under him and his spell. "My Mara," he whispered again. Leaving the bed, he takes off his boxers and takes out a condom from the night stand. I stare at his nakedness. 

When he turns, I couldn't help but widen my eyes. My God, he was big. Harry chuckled at my reaction. Crawling back into bed, he's on top of me. "I want you so fucking bad, Miss Mara." Harry says between kisses. Oh, the 'Miss' is back, but it's sound sexy coming from him. He puts in two fingers inside me, pumping slowly. I take his face in my hands. "I'm yours," I say softly. All the panic, all the anxiety is gone. I'm under a spell. I'm bewitched by him. By his toned stomach, arms, tattoos, eyes, lips, voice, touch—every single aspect of him. I kiss him. My hands shaking. "I'll be careful, Miss Mara. You can trust me." I take bottom lip in between my teeth, and nod.

He lays in between my thighs. Both his hands lift my thighs upper. He takes his member, and I feel the tip touch my entrance. I hold in a deep breath, and turn my head to the side. He grunts, and my eyes shut close when he's inside me. The breath I've been holding comes out in a loud moan. Harry shushes me. His arms propped on the pillow. Harry thrusts inside me slowly. His head buried in the crook of my neck. My hands find their to his back; my nails digging into his skin. Harry lifts his head up and kisses my lips. Sloppy kisses; his mouth split open letting out small moans. After a few minutes, I'm alright. The pain is gone, and it's only pleasure. 

Harry goes deeper, grunting loudly. "Fuck Mara," he grits between his teeth. My breath has quicken, and I've been moaning his name out loud. Not too loud, I remembered his family lives here too. "F-Faster," I stammer. I wanted to feel the rush, the ecstasy. "Oh Harry," I moaned as I feel him move in deeper. I dig my nails more, he throws his head back. I move hair from his face. My hands moving down his arms, and feeling his toned stomach. The way it flexed. Harry dug his head in my chest, his breath quickening. I can feel the warm sensation spark at my toes, up my legs, to my stomach. "Oh Harry," I say louder. "Fuck, Miss Mara." I can feel it coming. My climax and his. I come first. Moaning into his shoulder. Then, seconds later, Harry grunts loudly into my neck and I feel a warm sensation inside me. Our loud breathes fill the atmosphere, we chuckled to ourselves. Harry lays on top of him, still inside me. I push his hair back and kiss his sweaty forehead. My chest rising up and down. Harry kisses the side of my boob, and the crook of my neck. "Fuck, Miss Mara." He says lastly. I held him in my arms, his whole body shaking on top of mine. "I-I love y-you, Harry," the words barely coming out of my mouth. Harry's hot breath stuck on my skin. His fingers tracing small circles on it. "I love you more, Miss Mara." Harry lays on my chest. Holding onto one another. My eyes began to drift, and the last thing I hear are Harry's soft snores.


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