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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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21. Twenty

We were in a plane. I was in my first plane. I've never got out of Oregon–only to Seattle–but that was by car. This is me, in the sky, and with Harry; who was casually sitting in front of me, reading Shakespeare. How can he possibly be this calm? He was wearing a ridiculous flamingo button-up, black jeans, brown dressed shoes, and his Ray Bans. Harry's hair was slicked back, slightly showing off his elvish-like ears. I was in my blue jeans, yellow-knitted sweater, and sneakers. My hair was tied into two space buns. We were flying in—wait for it— a private plane, if you tell me. It was only us, and the staff of the plane. I looked out the window, we were above the ground, and in the clouds. Flight attendants, will normally come by and ask if we're hungry yet. Harry asked for a beer, as for I–ordered a large glass of iced water. I sat back and looked up at the ceiling. Breathing in small breaths. I was spending summer at Harry's home; at–what was it called, Chesire–with his family. Dear lord, I am going to meet his family. Mom, stepdad, and sister. There's also a wedding that Harry got invited to and I was tagging along. I don't think I'll be able to like, survive this trip. I let out a large sigh, making Harry look up from his book. 

"You alright babe?" He asked a little worried. I closed my eyes, nodding my head slowly. "Yeah," I said quietly. I pressed my lips together. Praying to any God that this plane arrives at London safely.

I felt a hand cover my own. Opening one eye and looking down, I see Harry squatting in front of me. His thumb rubbing the back of my hand. "Want me to sit next to you?" He offered. I shook my head. I was fine alone–I just need someone in front to look at. Harry's other hand, was slowly rubbing up and down my thigh. His heat burning through the denim. It turned me on so bad. I loved it when Harry did that. He chuckled, leaning in a little closer. "You know, if we were alone. I'll give more than this." And he winked. I rolled my eyes, turning my face to hide the blush. He got up and kissed me softly. The taste of alcohol lingering on my lips. He sits back down on his seat and goes back to reading. 

It's weird that Harry and I haven't had sex. We've been what, seeing each other on and off. We've had like, very hot make out sessions. We did have like dry sex; once or twice and he ate me out tons. I know I shouldn't have to worry about this. But Harry's more–experienced–he told me he lost his virginity when he was 17. Seventeen! And I'm twenty. And lost my virginity to my best friend. Part of my heart still hurts that Harry is still upset at the thought. I mean, I was in love with Zayn back then. It mattered who my first time was going to be with and I'm glad it was with Zayn. 

After dinner, I read a little from The Outsiders. Harry was talking on the phone with someone. I miss home, a lot. It's the first time I'll be far far away, really far. With an eight hour time difference. I did promise dad I'll call everyday, if I can. But he told me not to worry about him and that he'll be fine. I've got to give him that, now that Mariam will be part of his life. I liked her. She's funny and understanding. When they dropped me off at the airport, I was ready to cry, but I held back my tears. Only three hours left and we'll be landing soon. I put my book down, got in a comfortable position, and closed my eyes. 


I was still tired. It was 5 in the evening, and Harry and I just grabbed our luggage. "Do you see them?" Harry asked me. I looked up at him, as his head lifted to see past the others; to see if his family were here yet. I yawned and eyed the closets seat to sleep in. Then voices called out Harry's name. My eyes widen, feeling Harry grab my waist and walked me toward the voices. Oh god, this was it. The moment I've been dreading. He waved his arm, calling their names out; Gemma and Anne. I tip-toed to get a better view. People in the UK are sure taller. "They're over there," Harry's tone filled with excitement. He grinned at me; his dimples showing and the wrinkles by his eyes. My stomached fluttered when he did that. He takes my hand in his and we're both walking towards them. My heart beats in my ears and my pulse quickens. This was it—I'm finally going to meet the Styles family. Yelp!

Two women approached us. Wow, they both look lovely—in their coats and scarfs. The one with brunette hair ran to Harry and hugged him tight. Harry smiled widely and kissed the woman's head. I'm guessing she was his mother. "Harry, love you've grown so much. We've missed you." She exclaimed and hugged him again. The other one, who looked like the spitting image of Harry—only more feminine. Her dyed ombré hair was tied in a bun and she was really tall. "Haz, missed you. Hope you brought me something. Can't believe you're here for three months." She ruffles Harry's hair, who groaned of annoyance. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to his body. "Mum, Gems … this is Mara–my girlfriend–from uni." He finally introduced me. I waved awkwardly at them, barely whispering a hello. Then next thing you know, I've been pulled by four arms. Tight hugs were being exchanged and I can hear Harry chuckle in the back. 

"We're so glad to finally meet you, I'm Anne, Harry's mum," she introduced herself. "And I'm Harry's big sister, Gemma. He's told us such great things about you."

I blushed. I can't believe Harry talked to them about me—at least they were good things. Anne and Gemma helped Harry and I with the luggage. Apparently Harry's step-dad, Robin was still at work; but he was going to be home for dinner. We've walked out the airport and into the family van. It was going to be a three hour drive to Cheshire and thirty minutes to Holmes Chapel. Harry and I sat at the back, Anne behind the wheel and Gemma next to her. Cars in the UK are so weird. I took out my camera, dad brought for me. And snapped photos here and there. Beautiful country it is, with the palace and bell tower. I yawned. I forgot how tired I was. I laid across the car seat, my head on Harry's lap. His hand protectively fell on my stomach and the other held his phone. A three hour nap is what I needed; so I closed my eyes and slept in Harry's embrace.


In the kitchen Anne and Harry were making dinner. I offered my help but they say I was the special guest in the house. So I sat on a stool by the island counter and was intrigued my Anne's stories. Stories of Harry's baby years. "Mum stop telling Mara those stories. It's embarrassing." Anne slapped his arm playfully. "If you're not going to tell her then who—the woman who gave you life of course. Harry dear, chop the garlic in dices please not blocks." Harry rolled his eyes. Anne was making her special dish; lasagna. I remember Harry telling me how he loves and missed his mom's lasagna. Anne continued to tell stories and that after dinner she'll show me Harry's baby album. The front door then opened and closed. "Hello family! Mm, it's smells delicious." A deeper accent spoke from the living room. Anne's face lightened up as a round man walked into the kitchen. Round face, bearded and wears glasses. "Dad," Harry said with a small smile. "Good to see you." His step-dad smiled and pulled him to a hug—patting his back. "Always good to have you home, Harold. Who's the lovely guest?" He walked over to Anne and gave her a kiss on the lips. 

"Dad, this is Mara," Harry introduced me. "Ah, the famous Miss Mara from Portland," Robin said amused. I nodded shyly. He opened his arms wide and I looked at Harry confused. Harry chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. Oh, a hug. I jumped off the stool and walked my way towards him—just like that I was brought to another hug. "Pleasure to meet you," I muffled. Robin belly laughed and kissed Anne again. Harry coughed and I turned—he walked out the kitchen into the living room. I followed behind. I saw him walk up the stairs. What was this hobbit up to? I whispered his name out multiple times. 

By the time I got to the top, I saw him walk into his bed room. I picked up my pace and went to his door. Opening it quietly and all the way; it was empty. Weird? I just saw him walk in. I stepped in, "Harry?" I whisper out again. "Gotcha ya," he surprises me from behind. I jump as his arms wrap around my waist. I slap his arm. His face on the crook of my neck and giggled. Then he started to leave kisses down my neck. "I wanted to get us alone; so I can do this." Faster than lighting, Harry had me pinned on the bed. He gazed down at me, biting his bottom lip in between his teeth. I covered my face with my hands. I hated when he stared at me—I always felt insecure about myself. 

"Hey, hey—what's up with covering your face. Don't hide from me beautiful."

Harry's hand removed mine from my face. I didn't want to look at him. Harry pinched my chin and made me look at him. His green eyes glistening with the only light lit in this room. The sun began to set out his window, filling the room with shadows and silhouettes. He leans closer and kisses my lips in a passionate way. His tongue made its way through my mouth, and his hands pressed hard on my waist. I can taste the mint from the gum he chewed earlier. Harry's hands slipped under my sweater. Feeling every inch of my body. His hand finds the strap of my bra and unclipped it. I, on the other hand, took off his shirt. Harry lifted my sweater upper, but I stopped him. His mouth left mine, and he stared down at me. I can feel my face burn with embarrassment. 

"What's the matter?" He asks. 
"Nothing," I say.
"Then why we stopped?"
"I'm just—I don't—I'm not ready yet."

Harry lets out a chuckle before getting off of me and off the bed. I sit up and clip my bra back on again. Harry slams the drawer, making me jump. He puts on a pullover, and leans on the drawer. The muscles of his back flex as he grips on the edges of the wood.

"Is it because of him?" He asks in a whisper. "Is it because you still hold on to him?"
"Dammit Mara! Don't lie to me!"
"I'm not lying! With you it's different."
"Yes," I say as I get off the bed and walk toward him. "I want to be sure of it. I want to be sure that I'm giving all of me to the person I love."
Harry's shoulders relaxed and I reached for him. My hand placed on the crook of his neck. "I-I want it to be perfect Harry. You mean a lot to me, and I don't want to loose that." I said to him. 

Harry turned. His eyes softened and a small grin crossed his lips. His hands cup the sides of my face and bought me closer to him. Our faces just inches away. My Harry. Who gets upset easily for just a little thing. Who miss understood at times. I've been through so much, because of him. He made me love and hate him. Shout at him and love him. There isn't anyone or anything that would make me walk away from him forever. I truly liked him. We press our foreheads together. His voice barely heard, but I can clearly make out what he said. "You mean the world to me, Miss Mara. From the moment we met, I made it my job to never let anything happen to you. The mistakes I made, and how I left you—I thought I was doing the right thing. But I couldn't think straight without you. Even if I was with someone else, you were in my heart and soul. I've been a fool my Mara, a fool in love with you."


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