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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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17. Sixteen

It was Monday, back again in class. Creative writing wasn't such a bad class; professor Bates he understood the creativeness of writing. He didn't give us a difficult prompt, just a word or two and we write something about that word. Yesterday I told Zayn I love him and he returned the phrase. I meant it after realizing that I said it. I checked my watch and it was almost time for class to start. Surprisingly Mr. Bates wasn't in class yet. Odd, he was always here before class began. Then the president of the uni, a counselor and no—Mr. Styles walked in. He looks just like he did in the fall; dressed in elegant clothes and his down. Harry looked stunned when our eyes met; I rolled my eyes and looked down at my paper.

"May I have your attention students," the president spoke up. "Unfaithful news came to us as of Mr. Bates has been arrested. Because do to such unprofessional acts, Mr. Bates was caught having inappropriate relationships with students on campus. Now, for the rest of the semester Mr. Styles will be your professor. Any further questions, or if anyone was a victim please talk to Mrs. Estrada."

He left and Mr. Styles walked up to the podium. "Good afternoon, as you all heard I'll be your professor till the end of the semester. Now," he said. "Miss Mara?" My head shot up to my name slipping out of his voice. Harry looked directly at me, I swallowed everything I know. "May you tell me where you guys are?" I scanned through the syllabi and looked for today's date. "A film sir, we were suppose to watch Her today." From the bag he was carrying, Harry placed it on the desk and took out a laptop. Mr. Bates thought that Her was such a great film to analyze the use of love in this film. Mr. Styles turned on the projector and played the film. I didn't pay much attention to it; my eyes wondered to the entrance. Mr. Styles sat there intrigued by the film. Why him? Of all teachers in the English department, he had to replace Mr. Bates. I didn't even see the film and we have an exam of it on Thursday.

I don't know what made me come to his office. The receptionist told me I can wait inside, that he wasn't expecting anyone today. I sat on the chair in front of his desk. Picking on my nails, I rehearsed every word I was going to tell him. The door opened and I stood up; Harry's eyes met mine. "Mara? What brings you here?" He closes the door and locks it. "I came … I came…," I stuttered just as he was walking towards me. My body bumped onto the desk. Harry stood inches from me. All the words I rehearsed went away; this affect he had on me forgetting everything. I'm leaning on the desk already taking away options of how to get past him. Harry closes the space between us. My breath quickens and my mind wanders. Harry's hand swiftly brush against my thigh, placing it on the side. His other hand is cupped on my cheek, his thumb making small circles. "H-Harry," I stuttered. 

He shushed me; his other hand running up and down my thigh. I regret putting on a long skirt. I gasp just when I feel his warm hands on my thighs. "Jump," he orders me. And I thought, where? He meant on his desk, Mara. I did so, jump on his desk and letting him touch me. My arms hung around his neck and he continued to lift my skirt up. My breathing began to hitch and nerves suddenly jolted in my stomach. "Does he touch you like this?" Harry says quite … sexy. "Does he take his time knowing your body?" He says more harsh. I gulp. By this time my skirt is way past my thighs, showing a bit of my lace underwear. Harry leans to my face, brushing his lips against mine, and moving toward my neck. "I can fuck you right here on my desk baby girl." His breath hot on my neck. There's two different Harrys. The sweet Harry that cares about my health and would give up everything to be with me. Then there's dominant Harry. Eating me out, saying inappropriate things, and feeling me. 

I feel wet kisses plant on my neck. His hand rubbing the center of my lace panty. I pull on the end of his curls as he continued to suck on my skin. His hand makes slow circular shapes on my sensitive spot. I small moan escapes from my lips. "I make you feel good?" He says against my neck. Then without a warning or sign, he puts in his finger inside me. I gasp and he chuckled as he grazed my skin. He pumps in and out slow at first. "Do I make you this wet baby girl?" He says obnoxiously. Another moan escapes from my lips. Everything I know, everything surrounding me is a blur. I'm in ecstasy under Harry's touch. "Fuck Mara," he groans. My breath begins to quicken when Harry's pumping in and out faster. His mouth meets mine just when I'm about to come. I moan into his open mouth. He slips out his finger and tastes me. "Next time, you let Zayn feel you. Think of me baby girl."

I'm crying on the bathroom floor. I began crying when I walked out of his office. Why did I let him do that? I'm such a stupid girl. You're not suppose to let no one else touch you besides your partner. It's not that I belonged to Zayn. He knows that I don't. But,  I betrayed him. Zayn has been nothing but sweet, loyal, and great to me. He treats me right. Calls me his baby doll (which is similar to Harry calling me baby girl). We live together and own a dog. He makes love to me like that feeling good about yourself love. He writes me encouraging notes on places I look at the most. He puts me in his art works. Zayn has even cut my hair once, on Christmas. He gave me this shooting star necklace for my birthday with the money he saved and earned from the art show. He's been so good to me and I the same—until what happened in Harry's office. FUCK! What if he finds out? What if Harry is like ‘hahaha, in your face’? What if?! What if Harry is blackmailing Zayn about what happened? Sending him like notes or private emails? 

I'm sobbing like a mad women who lost her kids in the river. My heart is pounding and my head is spinning. My breathing is slowing down and I try to reach the door knob. But I fail because the panic is taking over my body. I feel my body numb and black dots in front of me. I hear the front door close and I call out Zayn's voice. My sight is ready to give up on me, the door opens and all I see is a blurred face. My last thought was why did Harry have to come back and ruin it.

I hear voices and monitors. My eyes are close but I know where I'm at, the hospital. I can feel the needle stuck in my arm and that finger monitor and those nose tubes. Then I hear the voices again, louder cause they're above me. Snarling and murmuring to one another as in an argument. My eyes slowly flicked open; first shapes and shadows, and then the people who were there. My lips parted to say a word: "Zayn," his name left my lips. The arguing stopped. I feel a hand grab the one that's putting in some medicine to make me feel good. Morphine I'm guessing. "Babe?" Zayn says beside me. Turning my head, I see him with his hair all buzzed off and bleached. "You're hair?" I asked. He chuckled and ran his hand on his head. "I was at the barber shop when the nurse called me." Wait, he wasn't the one that entered the apartment. I looked at him with big eyes. Zayn looked across the room with a dreadful look. I turned my head to the other side of the bed; my eyes widening more when I see that cross tattoo. I close my eyes dreading life at the moment. Wishing that I can disappear into the hospital bed sheets. 

I lifted my head. Dark blue dress pants, white button up (half way buttoned), he wore the cross necklace as always, and his hair was down grazing on his shoulders. He lifts a hand and combs my sweaty hair back. I can hear Zayn groan, and couldn't help but smile inside. "You forgot your bag at my office after we talked about the exam. I came to your place—hearing you call out from the bathroom. I found you unconscious and I brought you here." He says low. I lay my head back and turn it back to Zayn. I smile at him. "I'm glad to see you." I whispered. He looked relieved as of I was going to be happier that Harry was here. No way. After what happened. No. Harry pressed the button to call for a nurse and the doctor. Seconds a nurse walked in, a clipboard in hand. "Ms. Mara how good to see you awake. You've got two strapping men to look after you." She winks at me. I feel my face heat up. The nurse excuses Harry and he walks to the end of the bed. His arms crossed against his chest and eyes darting at me. The nurse checks my pulse, blood pressure, and looks at the numbers on the monitor. "Dr. Hugo will be here in a sec, he's with another patient. Good day." Dr. Hugo, he was Harry's family doctor. Not again. Zayn still sat next to me, talking about his day. He completely ignored that fact that Harry was still in the room. I wonder what they were arguing about. Then a jolt of panic hit my chest; what if he already knows and he's just playing nice so I can spill it. My heartbeat quicken and I hear the heart monitor go all jumpy. My breath quickens as I make over dramatic scenarios in my head. "Babe?" Zayn says worried. "I'll get the doctor," and he leaves me alone with Harry. Harry rushes to my side, takes my hand and kisses it. "Baby, you're alright. You're safe." He kisses it again, Harry kisses every knuckle. I close my eyes and count to ten. I open them to meet his. Harry gets up from the bed just as he hears the door open. Zayn walks in with Dr. Hugo. I'm breathing huge breathes as I calm myself down. Zayn tells me of I was alright and kisses my hand. I sadden. It didn't feel the same that Harry kissed mine and I was hoping it will. Dr. Hugo takes my pulse and looks at his watch. 

"Ms. Mara, good to see you again." He says with a smile. "Last time I saw you, you were in the same condition at um, Harry's place," he chuckles slightly. "I've you been seeing your therapist Mara?" 

"We Skype every Wednesday and Friday."

He clicks his tongue and writes notes on his clipboard. Harry stands beside him looking over his shoulder. "Panic attack, Ms. Mara. A minor panic attack. You're taking your medications I suppose. And your allergies?" 

"Yes and I've been careful."

"Great! Glad Harry here, was there to save you for a second time." He laughs, then he clears his throat when no ones laughing along. "Ahem, you'll be released tomorrow morning. Just rest for tonight sweetheart. You're going to be okay. Harry, Zayn—take good care of her. Never, leave her out of your sights. Goodnight to you all."

Dr. Hugo excuses himself. I can feel the tension in this room, and I want to hide under the covers and be gone. "Where's Jade?" I ask to Zayn. "Taking care of Hera. Her, Niall, and Louis were here but then things came up. Don't worry you'll them for dinner." I nodded. Looking at Harry, I build the courage to speak to him. "And you?" I told him. "And me?" He returns the question. "You're staying?" I ask rather doubtfully. "Of course Miss Mara. You heard Dr. Hugo," he retorted back. Harry too a seat at the corner of the room; he wasn't going to leave. I turn my attention back at Zayn and mouth at him: "Lay with me." He nodded and quickly laid beside me; laying on top of the bed sheets. I wasn't trying to make Harry jealous. I'd rather be in Zayn's embrace tonight than Harry's. Zayn kisses the top of my head. I wrap my arms around his waist, lay my head on his chest, and fell asleep. 


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