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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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8. Seven

I woke up to Jade parading around my apartment. Cheering out loud, "Mara finally has a date! She's going on a date! A date, a date!" I threw a pillow over my head and snuggled back into bed. Then I felt a huge weight being dropped on me. Hearing Jade snicker and whisper her small cheer near my ear. "Let me sleep," I yelled against the pillow. I felt a slap on my butt and my duvet was being pulled away from me. "Get up Miss Mara, it's 9 in the morning. He's coming for you at 2—you have 5 hours to get ready." I picked up my alarm clock from the nightstand and stared at the time. It was barely 8:15 AM. I had no other choice then to wake up and get ready for the date. My very first date.  

After breakfast, Jade and I drove to town and looked out for boutique shops. I was sipping tea from a styrofoam coffee cup and munched on some pan dulce. We looked and looked—but nothing. Some of these boutiques sold like modern clothing that's for thin and tall people. Till we saw the perfect boutique, Quetzal's Boutique. Latin, Mexican, Cuban, the whole culture in one tiny vintage boutique. I pull on Jade's sleeve and drag her with me into the shop.    "Shit, everything is so cheap and stylish. Me gusta." Jade commented as we both looked through the racks. "Hey look, this is like a 50s dress." I turned around and saw a red dress Jade was holding. It was poof up from the bottom, the sleeves were down, and it showed from the collar bones and mid-chest. "Try it on," Jade gave it to me and I walked to the small fitting room. Jade went back to look for some more clothes. Alright, Mara—lets see how you look. I turned slowly to look at myself in the mirror. Whoa. This isn't me. I wore so much of baggy clothes that I forget how my body actually looked like. The dress hugged perfectly at my curves and I was somewhat petite. But it showed too much of my chest. And Harry's love bites still showed—ugh, I hate him at the moment. "Holy shit! Mara, you look smoking hot." Jade spoke up from behind me. I felt my face heat up. "You think so?" I reassured her. She walked in beside me and laid down the rest of the clothes she got. "Are those hickeys?" Jade looked at me suspicious from the mirror. I rolled my eyes at her. "Looks like he didn't miss a spot," she sounded amused.  

I ignored her comment and stared myself at the mirror. "I need something to cover—this. I feel like I'm exposing too much." Jade scoffed. "It looks fine. But, we'll look for a shawl to go with it. Preferably black."  

Walking out the small boutique with 4 bags each, we went to Rosie's Diner to get something to eat. We sat in our booths and I checked the time. 12:45 PM—fuck, only like an hour before he comes and pick me up. Jade and I ordered club sandwiches to share and two large Diet Cokes. I can feel my heart beat and my stomach twist. Harry wasn't even near me and I felt all nervous and shaky. Our food came and we ate—talking about going to the movies tomorrow. Jade wanted to see Into The Woods; she's a musical nerd. After our small lunch, Jade and I drove back to my place. I showered quickly and blow dried my hair. As it was drying, Jade and I were relaxing with avocado masks. It was Jade's idea. We washed our faces and I did my hair—faux victory rolls with small, white skeleton hair clips. It was 1:23 PM—the jitters started to kick in. I only applied a plum-wine lipstick.  

"Damn, I wish I was Harry," Jade said as I walked out the bathroom. "You look absolutely stunning."  

I blushed. For jewelry I put on ceramic sun earrings and my mom's necklace; cupid's arrow laid horizontally on my chest. I had a black clutch that had my phone, credit card, extra cash, my medications, and doctors/therapist phone number, and a small first aid kit. Always got to be prepared. Right? "Only five minutes," I spoke low as I stared at my watch. Then there was a knock on the door. My heart almost fell out of my chest. "Jade, he's here," I panicked.   

"It could be the pizza I ordered a while ago," she said.   

But we both knew it wasn't. They knocked again. Jade pushed me towards the door. Did I take my meds? Yes Mara, 5 minutes ago. My hand fell on the door knob, I twisted it, and opened it. Black, shined dress shoes, black skinny slacks, a white dress shirt—buttoned half way—and a gray blazer. Harry's hair was flipped to the side and oh dear god—he looked incredibly handsome. I smiled weakly at him. His eyes held a shocked expression. I felt nervous; insecure. Was it too much? Did he not like the dress? Was this the wrong dress attire?    "My Mara," he spoke softly. "you look magnificently gorgeous."   I could have fainted right here, right now. But I put on the biggest smile, that my cheeks began to hurt. "Thanks," I gushed. "You look miraculously handsome." Harry chuckled and held out his hand. "Shall we?" I nodded and took it. I turned back to Jade, she waved goodbye and so did I, closing the door behind me. It was a chilly night on this November, the rain stopped for a while but it was still cloudy. Harry and I were driving in his car, in silence. I remember when I was first in his car, I had a panic attack; and now I'm going on a date with him. Harry tapped on the wheel, humming along to something. The radio wasn't on, so I guess it was a song he memorized by beat.   

"So," I spoke up. "Where are we going?" "Seattle," he said. I gulped. 

"There's a play—Midnight Summers Dream. You like Shakespeare?"

"I love him," I said leaning back on the seat.  

I heard a small sigh of relief fall out Harry's lips—looks like we're both nervous. I felt a hand on my thigh. Staring at it, two rings on his middle and ring finger. The other hand had the same as well. Mm, maybe its a trend to wear more than one ring on each hand. I didn't move his hand; I love having the feel of it's warmth. He tapped continuously on my thigh, and with every tap my heart jumped. I wanted to grab his hand and intertwine it with mine. To feel what it's like to have someone hold you. To feel safe. We just got in the interstate freeway; it's going to be a long ride and a long date. I don't mind. I like spending time with Harry—he may be my professor—but he acted as if he was more of a friend. He was so young and beautiful.  

"Tell me Mara," Harry spoke up. "Your story."  


"I already told you," I said.

Harry smirked and took a quick glance at me. "I mean tell me your dreams, likes or dislikes, hobbies, etc." 


"I don't know nothing about you," I told him.  

Harry frowned a little and before clearing his throat; he fixed the heater a bit higher. Oh shit maybe I shouldn't have said it. I was tapping my fingers on my lap and grabbing the bottom of my dress. "I used to worked at a bakery," Harry spoke up. I looked at him and he looked at me. A shy smile played on his lips. "I've worked there since I was 16—great job actually. Ladies always go for the bakers. It's an art, you know. Anyways, I also had a band, in my teen years. White Eskimo. But we all went our separate ways when college began. I partied, lost my virginity at 17, and still worked at the bakery. Wild life, is it not? I always put time to my studies. Mum always worried because I didn't visit her as much as I promised, and my sister, Gems always bugged me with emails. One thing I did miss from home was my mum's famous lasagna; delicious and oven baked."

"Do you miss home?" I asked him.

He sighed, and nodded his head. "Always, I'm the youngest and my mum remarried last year. It's hard for the both of us; especially with the time difference. I make more voice mails than phone calls. Now it's your turn."

"I read a lot and like to stay home. I'm not the type of person who would go out to clubs or have drinks. I like being alone. I prefer to be in museums and bookstores. I'm a classical and musical nerd. I hate listening to the Top 40s. I have two dogs back at home, Blanca and Paloma; both are St. Bernards. Umm, I'm in love with Asian cuisine—even though I'm part Greek and Mexican. I've been to more lesbian clubs. I worry that my dad will forever be alone. I love Netflix. I love going to coffee shops and order my chamomile with mint and enjoy the people walk by. I have my own wings, and hope to spread them and go somewhere."

We've been laughing at our lame jokes. Harry has told me such horrible jokes, that I only laughed at how bad they were. We were only a few minutes away from the theater, Paramount Theater. He says it's really fancy. And I'm nervous. We're here and we went through valet parking ; there was a shit load of people. "Um, is someone famous in the play?" I asked him. He snickered. "Don't know maybe, its opening night." Harry told me. We walked in, and at the entrance men in suits took our coats and shawls. I looked around me. These women, in their long, silky gowns—hair up in a bun, expensive jewelry, and those eye binoculars. I felt his large hand on my lower back, and we walked up the stairs to the the theater, and went to an elevator for the balcony seats. Harry says balcony seats have the nest view. The playbills were being handed out, and as I took my seat I looked through the actors. My eyes widen at her person who was Puck the Fairy.

If he was here, then—I looked around the theater; seating their on the floor seats. Blonde hair and black hair. If Harry knew he was here, it's going to be like it was 2 months ago.


I'm sorry I took forever. (Writers block)

I dk, I feel like this chapter is short and lame.

But guess who plays Puck, and who's in the audience. 

Thank you for you comments. So glad, you guys like my story.

I may be writing a Harry fic ;) don't know

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