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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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10. Nine




I stepped back to see his face. All the different shades of green mixed into one color. Not an emerald green, but a green that was mysterious. You don't know how it was that color, but it mesmerized you. You can't look away, and you don't want to blink because you'll miss that small spark they did. I cup my hand on Harry's cheek; my thumb wiping away the dry tears from his cheek. His hands placed gently on both sides of my hips; pulling me closer to him. Our chests bumped, and he brushed his nose against mine. My heart was ready to jump out my chest, and I can feel my knees give up. It was a moment of intimacy that we didn't need to be inside one another. With the touch of a hand, or kiss on the lips; you were sold to the person in front of you. And I don't literally mean sold, but you're bewitched by them. I may be talking nonsense because I never felt anything like this. And I hope it will last; maybe not forever but for a time that I will never get tired of feeling like this. Warm, and tingly inside.  

Harry leaned in closer, his head lowering and his lips connecting with mine. My hands held on to his shoulders, as he hungrily kissed my lips. I can feel the heat burning in my chest. Feel the air leave my lungs, and my strength leave my body. His teeth gracefully bit my bottom lip, sucking on it. I squeezed his shoulders, controlling myself. The things he has done to me were a turn on, and sometimes I need to remember that we're taking this slowly. His tongue grazed my bottom lip and I let him in. Our tongues colliding against each other. Exploring, and tasting our mouths. He made me walk backwards, my legs bumped against the bed. We both fall down together, still not breaking apart. Harry's hands cupped my thighs, and squeezed them. Making me moan of pleasure. We pulled apart catching our breathes. His eyes turned a darker green; a green filled with lust and eager. "Now I'm going to spend about 30 minutes eating you out," he told me. My eyes widen, and I gulped. "30 minutes?" I questioned him.   

Harry left sloppy kisses up my jawline, and then biting my earlobe. "30 minutes baby girl," Harry growled into my ear.   

So I will let him. Harry lowered himself, and I didn't want to look. He pushed my dress up, kissing from my knees and up. I can feel myself heat up. My hands pulled on the ends of his hair. Every time I pulled on his hair, he'd bite the inside of my thigh. I took my bottom lip in between my teeth, trying to control myself. My legs spread open, and I can feel Harry's lips come closer and closer. He kissed from where my underwear is at and goes down. I pull on his hair, and in return he squeezes my thighs. The warmth of his lips grazed upon the fabric. He hummed as he continued to do so; then I feel his hand palming over my sensitive spot. With his finger, I feel the pressure.   

Harry's hands carefully remove my panties, I watch my legs go up and I'm no longer wearing them. I gulp down the nerves. My bottom half is now exposed at Harry. I moaned as he quickly inserted his middle finger into me. Slowly, and gently pumping in  and out. My legs hung over his shoulders. His hot breath, and moist lips leaving kisses on my sensitive spot. I hold on to my breath, pulling Harry's hair much harder. As he's pumping his fingers, his tongue gently licks my insides. The works of his finger and tongue heat up my legs. My breath starts to quicken, and I'm moaning his name out. Is this what taking it slow feels like? I then feel Harry slip in another finger. His tongue leaves my sensitive spot, and it's just his fingers doing the pleasure.   

My stomach is filling with knots, and my chest is heating up. "H-Harry," I moan out.  

"Come for me baby girl," Harry growls.  

He pumped faster and faster; I can barely keep up my breathing. The sensation rushing up my legs, through my thighs, and stomach. I pull on his hair, yelling his name out, and releasing. My arm falls over my eyes; as I try to recollect my breath. I peek and Harry is sucking on his fingers tasting me. His eyes dark filled with lust. What just happened? He  pulls down my dress, and kisses me hard on the lips. Someone then knocks on the door.  

He grins, his Cheshire Cat grin. "Room service," he says.



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