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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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15. Forteen

After the show, Jade and I waited out in the freshness of early spring. Jade scowled at me for putting a show back there. Actually it was more like she should have staid with me and not have a make out session with one of the journalists type of scowling. I told her I felt fine till—"Till what?" She questioned me. I fiddled with the necklace, pacing back and forth thinking how I was going to break the ice. "I saw him Jade." She looked at me confused. "I saw Harry, standing next to me in the gallery show." I elaborated more, "he was there. I can still smell his cologne, hear his voice, and feel his hand against mine. He was there! Three months later, I'm happy with Zayn and just when I'm happy—Bam!—he wants to ruin it for me." I looked over at Jade who stared at me with wide eyes. I followed her gaze from behind me and saw what she was looking at.

My heart dropped. Standing a few feet away from me; wearing a black coat and a soft expression on his face. I closed my eyes tight hoping that when I opened them he'll be gone. But when I did he stood right in front of me. I stood still. Harry licked his lips just as he placed a cold hand on my cheek. "My Mara, oh how I've missed you." He whispered gently. His words so poetic, I can still remember that day at his place when I fainted in the bookstore and he took me to his apartment. "I've been lost without you. Not myself without you." His thumb wiped tears away from my cheek. I nudged my face closer to his hand. I wanted to feel his touch again. So many nights I've dreamed of him touching me. So many mornings I've dreamed that it was just a dream that he was gone for good. "Harry," his name falls out of my mouth. He closes his eyes as he takes in his name said in my voice. Harry bites his bottom lip stopping him from doing something wrong. His eyes fluttered opened like a butterfly's wings. The green in eyes illuminated with the moon in the night sky. Stars shined in them. "Harry," I said his name again. A small smile spread across his face. Laughter came from behind me. I turn quickly to see Zayn and Louis holding up Niall as he walks out drunk. I turn back to find him gone again. The aroma of his cologne still clung in the air and the touch of his hand still felt on my cheek. I felt a hand in my shoulder. "What now?" Jade asks softly. I knew what she meant. What now that Harry is back in my—our—lives, what now. What can I expect from him now? Will he randomly appear at places and leave me like a ghost? Do I still feel something for him? All the feeling I've bottled up are escaping the lid and banging at the door of my heart. What now?

The next day, I decided to stay in bed. It was raining and Zayn was out with Louis and Niall do to some grocery shopping for tonight's dinner. Jade later walked in and laid beside me. We both exchanged a carton of vanilla ice cream she bought earlier before coming over. With the new flat screen that Zayn brought along with him, we watched reruns of Criminal Minds. We laid in the silence as we licked our spoons and had our eyes glued to the screen. We were watching that one episode that made his puppets with actual humans. I swear my bones ached. When it ended, someone knocked on the door. Jade and I looked at each other and exchanged a look that was which one of us is going to open the door. They knocked again. "You're bloody dumb if you think I'm going to answer it." She told me. I groaned and got out of bed. Putting on an old sweater of Zayn since I was in a tank top and underwear. "I sure hope that Niall isn't influencing you to talk like that." Jade sticks her tongue at me. I laughed at her and opened the door.

My eyes widen and my heart froze. Although their back was faced toward me, I knew who it was. "H-Harry?" He turns the minute I say his name. His hair is all wet from the rain pouring down and his nose was pink from the cold. I couldn't leave him out in the rain. My father didn't raise me like this. So I let him in. "Thanks." He says just has he walks by me and into my apartment. Jade quickly gets out of bed and walks toward me; pulling me to the side. She grits through her teeth that Zayn will get piss if he finds out and I told her no, he wouldn't. Jade was my going to be Zayn and the boy's distraction. "Please Jade, I never ask you for anything." She rolled her eyes annoyed with my decision, but she gave in. "Fine, I'll go and take them to the pet shop. You owe me one." I gave her dozen kisses on her face before she left. I closed the door in front of me. Harry in here, in my apartment again. I turn to see him standing in Zayn's studio; the other half of the apartment. "A lot has changed since I last came here, I'd never thought you'd move on so quickly." He says it without looking at me. Hera, walks out the bathroom at growls at Harry. He looks down at her, kneels, and Hera allows him to pet her. "You moved on as well—with Red. You do it purposely as you and her walk by the bookshop." I tell him. He finally turns to look at me. It's like the first time I saw him in my class; piercing eyes and a shade of green lighter than emerald. He looks taller and older with his shaggy hair. His cheeks have gotten deeper, nose longer, jaws stronger, and voice deeper. Only three months have passed and the only thing changed in me is my hair. From inside his coat Harry pulls out a velvet box. He walks towards me and I stand still in my spot. "Happy birthday my Mara." He says handing it to me. Our fingers brush as I take the box from his hands. Looking at him, his eyes soft and sincere; I open it. Inside laid beautifully a golden necklace with a small sun and moon pendant. The sun and moon were joined together; stuck together.

"You are my sun at day and my moon at night. Your face glows with sunlight and your eyes shine like stars. O, my love, you've become my world. My Mara, my sun of the universe. My goddess of night."

I was in tears. My heart bleeding out the pain I've felt all these three months. The pain I caused myself to feel. "W-why?" I stuttered. "Why n-now? Why come back?" I questioned him. I was feeling weak just as always when he's around. My words caught in my breath, and dry in my mouth. I feel his cold fingers pinch my chin and lift up my head. Harry takes both his hands in between my face and pulls me closer to him. I swallow. "I came back because I couldn't live without you. I came back because I need you. I came back because I didn't want to lose you again. I came back because I didn't want to see you with anyone else besides me. I came back because—because I'm in love with you, Mara."


Sorry if this chapter is short. But yeah, Harry's back

into Mara's life. What now?

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