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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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12. Eleven

The black Escalade stopped. "Here we are Miss Mara," Albert, Harry's driver said.   

I look up from the backseat. Jade was still here, noticing my apartment lights were on. Albert got out of the drivers seat, and walked around to the other side. He opened the door for me, and handed me my clutch. "Your dress will be send by dry cleaning tomorrow." Albert said as I stepped out the car. Wearing the clothes that I chose earlier. I waved him goodbye, and he walked back to the drivers seat. I walked up the stairs. Jade was in her pajamas, eating ice cream.   

"Wow, did you marry a millionaire?" She stated.  

I walked in my apartment and plopped on my bed. "I think I'm dating one," I confessed.   

"Tell me, tell me everything. How was the play?"  

"The guys were there. Louis was part of the play, and Niall and Zayn went."  

"You saw Zayn?!"   "

Yeah, and this wannabe Elizabeth Taylor chick was all flirting with Harry during that fifteen minute break. I got upset. We went to this expensive hotel, and I was called Mrs. Styles. We had an argument, made up, and he ate me out."  

"Ate you out?!" Jade choked out.  

"For 30 minutes."  

"30 minutes? Holy fuck."  

"Today in the morning, he didn't eat breakfast with me. I don't know what changed in him; last night he was fine you know. This outfit is worth $10,000—we walked around the area in the rain, and he has a driver. Albert, the one that left me few minutes ago. Harry has a shit load of money, and I want to know where he gets it from. I hope it's not dirty money."  

"Holy shit! Mara, he's fucking rich. Young and rich. Mmm—where can I get one?"  

I threw her a pillow; making her fall back on my bed. "It's not funny Jade. You're fucking lesbian." I retorted.  

"Doesn't mean I can't go bi. You think he's on Google?"  

"Who is?"  

"Harry, you dumbo."  

"I don't want to know. I'm going to change out of these expensive clothes, order pizza, and watch Criminal Minds. I'm in no mood for class tonight."  

On my bed, Jade and I ate pizzas while watching the show. In my mind stood out about Harry's meeting. Couldn't be a meeting for the Honors program. Was he doing a solo project? Creating an international company? I reached for my phone, and clicked on the Google app. I typed in his name; Harry Styles. Then I hesitated—erased his name, closed the app, and turned off my phone. I didn't want to find out about the truth. What if he was some kind of, I don't know a politician's son. Or someone famous. I shook my head. My Harry, famous? Jade left after we've watched a full season of Criminal Minds. I was in the kitchen, heating up some water—till someone knocked on my door. I looked at the clock; it was past ten. They knocked again. I jumped off the counter, and lowered the heat of the stove. I grabbed a flashlight, and walked quietly towards the door. After watching Criminal Minds, who knows what could happen now. My hand on the door knob, I inhaled a lot of air. I slowly opened the door, and—  


He turned around, revealing tired eyes, and a half smile. "What's with the flashlight?"  


"You were going to hit me with that."  

"Hey, you could have been a psycho or—"  

"Just me. Anyway, I wanted to know if you came home safe. I was going to text or call you, but I don't have your number."  

"Wow, we went to second base and you don't have my digits. That's taking it slow, and a true gentleman."  

"I can always go for a second ya' know." Harry steps a little closer towards me, his hands placed on my hips. "Nice one tiger, I've got a kettle heating. Come in." I opened the door wider, and welcomed him inside. Harry stepped in, and looked around. I walked to the kitchen, and turned the stove completely off. Grabbing a cup of tea, I dipped in a green tea bag; walking to the fridge and took out some cream cheese. Also took some crackers from a cookie jar.  Harry then appears, a little of disappointment in his eyes. "You live here?" He asks.   

I nod. "Yeah. I know it's not the best—a new kitchen was installed like two years ago, and the bathroom as well just when I moved in.  Sometimes I'm behind bills, and it's a small studio. But it was cheap; sort of."  

Jumping on the isle, I opened the bag of crackers and cream cheese. With a plastic butter knife, I began to spread some cream on the cracker, and eat it. Harry then began to look through my cabinets, and stuff. "Uh, what are you doing?" I asked him with a mouth full of creamed crackers. He ignores me and continues to do so; I put my leg up to stop him from going to the other side.

"Harry, what are you doing?" I asked him once more.   

"You owe a little bit of things. Your nightstand is a pile of books, and your bed doesn't have a frame; just two full size mattresses. Your cabinets are not even filled up, and there's no closet for your clothes."  

"A wardrobe is like a closet Harry. Besides I like living like this; free wifi and no extra room. What a college student dreams of."  

"But baby, it's falling apart."  

"Soon we'll be if you don't stop yapping."  

He narrows his eyes at me, and walks; standing in between my legs. His hands on my thighs; he's staring at me, and I'm just sipping my tea. I'm not wearing any shorts, only a big ass t-shirt. Harry starts to rub his hands on my brown thighs; staring right at me, with a little smirk. I try to act as if it weren't affecting me, when in reality it was. The heat from his hands slowly burning through my skin. I cross my arms against my chest, and glare at him. Harry just leans closer; his hands moving upwards. I swat his hands away just before they touch my butt.   

"Don't you dare," I scold at him.  

His lips pouted. "Don't be such a tease, baby girl."  

I yawned; stretching my arms up toward the ceiling. Rubbing my eyes, I can feel Harry wrap his arms around me. My hand on his chest, I pushed him back. "I need a bath first. I smell like pizza and stress." I say jumping off the isle. Harry cocks his head to the side, a wide smile spreads across his face. Showing off his dimples. Then I feel it again; the butterflies in my stomach.   He hums.

"That sounds really sexy. May I join?"  

"Tsk, tsk," I say waving my finger at him. "Ha, you wish maestro. Your spot is out of my tub."  

Harry was sitting on the toilet—lid down—and I was enjoying my lovely bubble bath. We were both quiet. I played with the bubbles, blowing them out of my hand. Harry's been on his phone all this time; muttering to himself and groaning. He had to step out the bathroom, twice to answer a call. He was a bit moody tonight. Maybe the meeting was a disaster.   

"Babe," Harry says.  


"Pre Calculus is the only class you have tomorrow right?"  


"Dinner at my place."  

"Your place?" I ask.  


Harry gets up and leaves a kiss on my head. He says goodbye and he'll pick me up after class tomorrow. In seconds the front door closes and it's silent and I'm alone. Just like the morning. I sit in the tub, thinking about tomorrow. We're having dinner at his place. I've never seen his entire place. Holy shit.



I'm going to post one more chapter

the end of part one. 

I've got new ideas for part two.

love, ISA xx

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