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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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19. Eighteen

Jade and I were getting ready for the guys graduation day. Zayn officially moved out. Half of his things are in Paris already. I packed all my things as well. Dad seems glad that I'm taking a break from everything. After all I told him over the phone he said, "your life sounds like a soap opera." He made me laugh. Jade was going to drive us to the uni, and we're going to buy the guys some balloons, and those candy necklaces. I had my camera, that I haven't used in such a long time, and zoomed in where the guys were sitting at. I took a snap of the back of their caps. All of a sudden I became sad. He was graduating and moving away to another time zone. He was the best thing that has ever happened to me. At the end, we staid as friends—close friends.

The graduation started and a few professors gave out encouraging speeches to the graduates. Jade has told me she's moving in with a couple of friends in this Japanese sorority girl club she joined. And she's taking a trip with them to Tokyo. Wow, everyone seems to be leaving to the other side of the sea. But I'm happy she found other friends—I only got Niall and Louis, but they're both going to LA to find jobs in the theater and English business. When the row that the guys were sitting at stood up, so did Jade and I. I got the camera and zoomed in as much as possible. Snap of Zayn with his diploma, Niall with his, and lastly Louis. The president made a final speech, that graduation song begin to play, and the class of 2015 threw their caps into the air.

After Jade and I met with the boys, we took photos with one another, and then went to have dinner at our café for the last time. I slept over at Jade's place because I already moved out of my small and crappy apartment. Oh the memories in that place. I wanted to wake up early tomorrow and see Zayn at the airport. That night I slept like I haven't slept these past months of finals. The next morning I woke early, I let Jade sleep in because she has a flight later in the afternoon. I called a taxi to take to the airport. I arrived forty minutes early and found Zayn sitting at Starbucks. He looked surprise to see me here. "Mara, you're here." He said speechless. "I just wanted to say goodbye. Cause you never know." I said stuffing my hands into my pockets. We sat in Starbucks and talked about Paris; I told him to send me a selfie of him in front of the Eiffel Tower. Zayn promised that he will. It was like the old days—when we first met as if the relationship never happened. But of course it did, we had some amazing sex.

The intercom called Zayn's flight. I walked with him to the gate. Tears blurring my eye sight. I cleared them fast; I didn't want to cry. We stood in front of each other, holding hands. Zayn leaned in and planted a soft kiss on the corner of my mouth. The lady called the flight a final time. "Here," I said placing the shooting star necklace on the palm of his hand. Zayn softly smiled but gave me the necklace back. "It was a gift baby doll. It's yours to have. Take care Mara. I love you." He gives me another kiss on the cheek, and hugs me tightly. "I love you too," I murmured against his chest. He left my embrace and headed toward the gate. He turned one last time, blowing a kiss and waved goodbye. I caught it and kept it close to my heart.

When I got back home, I was even more sad because Jade was packing a few last things. She asked where I went and told her I was at the airport with Zayn. Only another hour left before Jade had to leave. It was 3PM, and we were having pizza at the airport with her sorority group. They were sweet and talked incredibly fast in Japanese. Even though I understood a little, thanks to Jade for translating a bit. Niall and Louis already left to LA, last night—if you wondered. I was going to miss those goofballs. Everything was happening fast when the intercom announced their boarding flight. I hugged Jade tightly; not wanting to let go. I cried on her shoulder and she did the same. I knew she was coming back, it was only for three weeks. She said she'll come visit me and my dad at Lake Oswego. I waved her goodbye when she gave the lady her ticket and turned. Jade was going to call the moment lands and doesn't care wait time it'll be.

I go back to her apartment, and this time I'm packing my last essentials for the trip back home. Harry hasn't come by. I left him a message that I was moving out of the apartment he never liked and was staying over at Jade's. I wasn't going to wait, I've got a bus to catch in thirty minutes at the plaza. I took another taxi to the plaza, and waited for the bus that was going to take me to Lake Oswego. I felt all good and bubbly inside; realizing I was home for the summer and fall. Dad was going to pick me up the minute I get. I was getting excited when I boarded the bus; I was going to see Blanca and Paloma, my St. Bernards. I was going to live back in the lake house. The one story house with four bedrooms, two baths, a large kitchen/dining room, and the living room. Our backyard was literally the lake. You'd walk a flight of stairs, and instead of sand; it's pebbles and small rocks. There's a deck that I loved sitting on when I was little. I will dangle my legs and splash them in the water. I was excited to feel the chilly breeze and cold nights that were waiting for me. Swimming in the lake was a highlight both at morning and night. You see the first crack of dawn and see the last light of sundown.

I got to Lake Oswego at around 7 o'clock at night. Dad was waiting right out the door of the buss. I ran to his embrace and breathed in his familiar smell. Tobacco and peppermint. "Oh Mara, I'm so happy to see you." Dad says as we hug each other tightly. I step back from his embrace and take a good look at him. He's wearing his scrubs—looks like he did a surgery. His hair his light, face fuller and with color; taller and skinnier. "It's good to see you dad." I tell him. We grab my luggage and head to the car. Dad was telling me how things have changed in Lake Oswego. He told me that Blanca and Paloma are excited to see me and he got three small parakeets. He said he need something to take care of—that the dogs were trained and have been lazy. He also told me he's been seeing someone for the last two months. "Her name's Sandra—she was a patient of mine. She's the only one that has listened to me about not getting plastic surgery." I laughed. "Let me guess, you told her you preferred true beauty." Dad scowled at me and then laughed. "She is beautiful. No plastic surgery could change the way she is. When I told her that she the most beautiful women—besides your mother—she said no one has ever told her that. She wanted to changed so she can look prettier. You'll love her when you meet her." My chest tightened. I'd have to meet her. Dad looked a little worried, then said, "when you're ready Mara. No pressure."

When we got home, I've never felt this much freedom. Blanca and Paloma ran to me the moment I called out their names as I stepped into the house. I went to side table in the hall, where it had the fishbowl for the keys and mom's photo. I picked it up, and brushed my fingers around the frame. "Hi mom," I whisper to the photo. I kiss the photo before putting it down, and walking toward the living room. Blanca and Paloma have grown so much. Last time I saw them—they were pups. Dad left my things in my old room and went to the kitchen to cook dinner. I went to the back door, down the stairs, and walked along the deck. Blanca and Paloma following me behind. I stood at the edge of the deck, and peered down at the lake. I saw my own reflection through the water; small ripples making me look like some Picasso painting.

I last I can breathe and feel more relaxed. Looking up at the sky, I saw the stars and moon illuminate the lake. No light pollution, I thought. My dogs ran back inside, and I stayed on the deck for a little while. I think I was doing the right thing—skipping one semester. After all, I needed time on my own. The past year happened so fast. I inhaled the smell of the lake, and exhaled. It was good to be back home.

The next morning, I woke up to dad's little parakeets singing. I stretched my arms and legs, and yawned loudly. Blanca and Paloma slept with me on my bed; both of them laid on the end of the bed. They jolted up and jumped off of bed; wagging they're tailing. "Buenos días," I told them and kissed the top of their heads. I went to take a long shower, and walked out wearing my robe. Walking to the kitchen, I saw the mail on the counter. I looked through it. There was a postcard addressed to me. It was from London. But, I don't know anyone from the UK. I looked at the back, my heart singing when I saw the familiar cursive writing.

My dear Mara, I'm in London at the moment, doing some business of my own and visiting family. I'd like to bring you one day—I think you'll love it. Say hello to your dad for me. Miss you. All the love. xx -H

I brought the postcard to my heart and smiled widely. So, he's at London—I wonder what kind of business. The thought was forgotten when my stomach growled and the phone rang. I answered the phone; it was dad. Wanted to make sure I was okay and if everything is alright. He said he'll be home before dinner. I cooked myself some hash browns, egg with ham, and toast. I ate at the counter and reread the postcard over and over again. He wrote so elegant. I traced his writing with my finger an imagined where he would have been when he wrote this. At a hotel, his old house, café, bakery—anywhere was possible. I wanted to write back, but sadly he didn't write down the address. Maybe, I thought. A text message or email. I checked the time. It was twelve here—London is only eight hours ahead—must be around seven at night. I think.

After breakfast or brunch, I went out to the deck and have some fresh air. I had on my bathing suit and some jean shorts. I'm going to start my therapy sessions again tomorrow. Seeing Dr. Octavia again, will bring me back to my senses. I swung my legs back and forth; wetting my feet in the water. I got a text from Jade saying that she arrived safely and her friend's aunt house is like the ones in the anime show. Traditional and with sliding doors. And the view from her room is breathtaking. She took a photo and send it to me. I got a few texts from Niall and Louis. One from Zayn and none from Harry. I turned off my phone and placed it on top of my towel with my medications bag. I took off my shorts and dived into the lake. I took a few swimming lessons that Dr. Octavia recommend for my anxiety. I reached the surface and pushed my wet hair back.

I floated on my back.

The thought of Harry wanting me to go with him to London. I smiled up at the sky. Are we getting a second chance? Am I going to give him that chance? The only thing that was still bugging me was what he did before he became a professor. I mean he had a band that didn't quite go as planned. But—I pulled away from my thoughts when I heard someone shout my name. I saw Dr. Octavia on the deck, waving her hand in the air. I swam back to the deck and hoisted myself out of the water and sat on the deck. I was glad to see Dr. Octavia.

"Your dad told me you're back and taking a semester off."

"Yeah, I just—my life got tangled in a spiders web."

"Or should I say a Mr. Styles web."

When I mean I tell Dr. Octavia everything—I mean everything. Sort of.

"You can say it like that." "How you've been feeling? Cause you frighten me with the last call from Dr. Hugo."

"I've been good."

"Your allergies?"

"Being careful."

"How's Harry? And Zayn?"

She sits down beside me. I haven't seen her with like summer clothes on. Her hair is down, she's wearing a jumpsuit and sandals. I always saw her in a suit with a bun at her office. She looks carefree and brighter.

"Zayn's in Paris ya know, with an art scholarship and internship. We're just friends. And Harry—well, he's at London visiting family. I got a postcard from him this morning. He says that he'd like to take me there one day."

"Will you?"

"Of course, I mean it's—it's London."

"And school?"

"It's just one semester Doc."

"I know."

Dr. Octavia and I stay at the deck talking until dad comes home for dinner. We talked about dad's new lady friend, and how I can prevent from having another panic/anxiety attack. Dr. Octavia stays for dinner. I've never felt so happy to have her at my side. She didn't act like a therapist but a friend or more than that. She's like a mother to me.


Hello! Whoa, 10.5k reads—must be a dream.

Thank you to all of you that read it.

I'm writing another Harry fic, written on his perspective.

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xx, ISA

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