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Mara Zaragoza has never been the person of quite confidence. On her first day of at Portland University, she encounters with her Literature professor - Mr. Harry Styles. Who's a charmer and has expensive taste. Dealing with her anxiety and not accepting who she is, Mr. Styles brings out the best of her. With misunderstandings, finding love again, and completely bringing out the best of each other. Mara finds that her deepest affection in life is found in the one and only - Mr. Styles.

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9. Eight

"Oh my god," I said to myself.   

It was Zayn and Niall, sitting on the floor seats on the third row. I closed my eyes, and pinched my arm a little. I opened them again and they were still there. Both of them were in suits. Zayn's hair was combed in a quiff—like a greaser. And Niall's with the same hairstyle quiff. I looked over at Harry, who was reading the playbill. His brows furrowed in concentration, and his lips in a tight line. Does he know Louis? I don't think so. Looking back, my eyes met Zayn's; he was as surprised as I was. I smiled at him and he returned one before turning around. The lights began to dim and the curtains flew open. Harry got me one of those eye binoculars thingies—I was blind but not that blind. I only wore reading glasses, because I couldn't see from near. They were useful at the end. I waited for Louis's part to come and smiled widely when he came out. He always invites the groups to his plays at uni. He was talented after all.   

During the fifteen minute break, Harry went to grab us something to drink. Mostly all the men left to catch a smoke or drink with others. The women, who came here together will sit by each other and gossip. I didn't know anyone, so I staid perfectly alone with my playbill.   

"Excuse me?" Someone from behind me spoke up. I turned to see if they were talking to me. A young women with short blonde hair, styled like Elizabeth Taylor, and her bright red lips smiled at me. "That young gentlemen came with you?" She asked me. I nodded. Wannabe Liz Taylor looked at her friends with a smirk. "You're very lucky," she simply tells me. I smile at her and say thank you before turning back. I let out a huge sigh. Talking to people can be very stressful. Curiously I look back down to find Niall waving at me. With a huge grin I wave back. Then I hear Harry's laugh from behind me. I turn with a smile but frown when I see wannabe Liz Taylor up on his dick. Her hands gently hooked on his. I watch Harry as he looks at her intensively. His eyes so concentrated on hers and his lips bring him to smirk. He's staring at her like she's the most beautiful women in the world. Well, why shouldn't she be. I mean—her body, hair, colored eyes, and intimidating red lips. Harry gazes up at me and I turn quickly. Pretending that I didn't see him there. I feel my heart pounding—I want to run away.   

"Mara," Harry speaks as he takes a seat. I don't look at him and he hands me my glass of water. "Are you alright?" He asks.  

I nodded and build the courage to look at him. As I do, he looks at me but not right at me. It's not the same expression he had earlier. It wasn't the same face that wannabe Liz Taylor had him make. I sighed deeply, before facing the stage. "I'm fine," I whispered towards him. Harry reached for my hand but I pulled it away. Right now I wanted to enjoy the play, then let my mind fight about these feelings.   

Louis acted wonderful. Niall texted me to come visit them at the entrance. Harry went to retrieve my shawl and his coat. I tip-toed; looking around the lounge for those three familiar faces. "Mara!" My name being shouted by across the room. I see Louis, and his big smile as he makes his way through the crowd. Ignoring the young women and men asking for his autograph. He wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me off the ground. Spinning me around. Louis kisses my cheek hard, and lands me safely on the floor.   

"Niall, told me you came here with Mr. Styles. I didn't know you had a thing for older men, Mara." He wiggles his brows and winks at me. I slap him playfully on his arm.  

"Oh hush, he's as old as you."  

He rolls his eyes. "So, what'd you think? Was I good or what?"  

"A true star," I told him.   

"Mara!" Niall come from behind Louis and hugs me tightly; leaving me with little air to breathe. "You look beautiful, as always."   

"Don't flatter yourself."   

And from behind Niall, with his hazel-brown eyes staring tentatively at mine. "Zayn," I said as I make my way towards him, and wrapped my arms around his neck. I hear him chuckle, and feel his arms wrap around my waist. His chin resting on my shoulder. "I've missed you." I told him. "So have I," he muttered. Ever since what happened two months ago, Zayn has somewhat distant from me. We still hung out with Jade and the guys at the café. But we weren't as close as when we met. I left his embrace. "Come by my place Tuesday, we can review our Calculus notes together." He smiled at me, and said, "I'll be there." I heard someone clear throat behind me. Turning around, I saw Harry holing his coat out for me. I forgot that I was on a date. I turned back to Zayn, Niall, Louis; hugging them all in a group hug.   

We were back in the car, and it was 9:30 PM. I still wore Harry's coat, and he still hasn't spoken a word to me. I actually wouldn't care if we spent dinner not talking. Silence is better, than to hear him talk about how he doesn't want me near Zayn. Harry stopped in front of this fancy hotel. Wait—are we going to stay in Seattle for the night? Monday's tomorrow. I've got class tomorrow. I turn to look at Harry. "What are we doing here?" I asked him. "We, are staying the night here Miss Mara." He spits out, not even looking at me. Oh, so we're back to the student-teacher situation. The doorman opens my door, and I step outside; a cool breeze hits my face.   

"Mr. and Mrs. Styles, welcome to Grand Hyatt Seattle. Enjoy your stay."   

Uh? Mrs. Styles? He could keep dreaming.  

Harry's arm was wrapped around my waist as we both walked in. "Stay here," he told me. He walked to the front desk, and I started to look around this place. This place must be expensive. We could have gone to a cheap motel or something. What if he doesn't have as much money to afford this place. Who am I kidding? He probably did. With the clothes he wears, and the car he drives. I can't even afford that. I just realized—I didn't pack any extra clothes for tonight. As much as I like the dress, I do plan not sleeping in it. And would if I had to share a room with him. Sleep in the same bed—well thats been done.  

"Ready?" Harry speaks up from behind me.  

I nodded. He walked ahead of me; running his fingers through his hair. I tried to keep up as we walked to the elevator. Harry pressed the eleventh button, and it moved up. Catchy elevator music played, and I was humming along to it. I was standing in the middle Harry stood at my right side. We stopped at the sixth floor—a handsome black man walked in. All dressed up in a suit and his dreads perfectly fell behind his back. He smiled at me, and I felt my face turn red. A hand gripped on my waist and pulled me back. I glare at Harry, as he keeps a steady eye at the young black man. The elevator stops on the ninth floor, and the guy walks out. He turns and waves at me; I wave back at him. The doors close again, two more floors, an we're here. Harry gets out first and I follow him behind. We walk down the hall with painted peachy walls, a red carpet, and lots of painting on the walls. In front of 47B, Harry takes out the key and slides it.  

"Welcome to the honeymoon suite," he says monotone welcoming me inside the room.  

I stop at my tracks and turn back at him. Did he just say honeymoon suite?   

"It was the only one available," he says bored. "And I ordered room service."  

I wanted to throw a pillow at him. Why was he acting like such a prick. We were fine, hours ago. "Is there anything bothering you?"   

Harry starts to unbutton his shirt, his brows furrow. "Yes, exactly there is." Harry practically shouts to the void. He runs his fingers through his hair. "You think this is easy for me. I tell you I'm falling for you, and you act as if my feelings didn't exist. You hug and wave at other guys—and I'm standing there beside you. And in the theater, I reach for your hand, and you pull it away."  

"Is that what's bothering you? Do you really need my attention or affection towards you? You don't know what it feels like for me, Harry. Girls go down on their knees for you. They worship the floor you walk on. They admire your accent, your charisma, your style, your eyes, your lips—everything. And you don't think I don't see that. You don't know what it feels like that maybe for once, someone is willing to spend countless hours with you. I saw the way you looked at the girl back in the theater. And I want it so bad for you to look at me like that. I tell myself it's not worth it, it'll end soon. I push these feelings because I'm afraid. I've never felt anything again like I do now. I've never thought that anyone in my life, would maybe want to spend theirs with me. You don't know the feeling of losing someone when you thought they could be yours forever.  

"I had a guy friend once. I thought he was the one. His words—the way he whispered to them when we cuddled in each other's arms. It was like art, Harry. I fell for his words. For everything he ever felt for me. But that night when he came drunk to my house and wanted to have sex with me—I kicked him out. By the next day at school, he called me out. In front of the whole student body. He called me useless, a bitch, and other names I can't say; because it still hurts me. I thought I knew what love was—I thought that I could be happy. To this day, I carry a broken heart.  

"Then you came in—unexpectedly. And I thought, no way for someone like you—it was like high school all over again. You bought my textbooks, you accepted my anxiety, you took me to your place when I blacked out, and you didn't take advantage of me. You could have gotten the chance, but you didn't. He did have the chance when he was drunk, but luckily I knew some self defense—thanks to Jade. And that's when I realized—maybe it could happen. Maybe I could give love a second chance. But how can I when I'm competing with thousands of girls, who wish were right here with you. You don't know what it feels to have your heart ripped out from you, and have everyone step on it."  

I was standing in front of him. My face filled with tears, my heart pounding loud, and my breath heavy. His height is towering over mine. I can feel his breath on my face. We were so close. His eyes stare right at mine—shocked, filled with pain. Pain he felt for me? Or for himself? I was ready for one of us to walk out the room. For one of us to leave and never see one another ever again. But it didn't happen. The space between us only came closer—closing each gap that we could. His hands cupping each side of my face. Harry leaning in closer, his lips kissing my head, and my head against his chest. I wrap my arms around his back. Feeling each muscle flex from every move his body made. We didn't say a word to each other. Only knowing that one of us won't let go, is what we needed to know that there's a chance.   

For the first time in forever, I felt complete. 


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