Justice League

Celebrities are heroes in the DC Universe. Read to find out who's who.

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1. Gotham City

Hey my beautiful flowers! This is a new movella that I am doing. I hope you like it. You can also read this story on Wattpad. I still have the same name. Enjoy the story!



"C'mon Bruce!" My mom said happily.

"Okay mom." I said. My mom and dad held my hand tight walking through the alley. Me and my family just came out of a little meeting.

"Yo mister!" A man said rudely to my dad facing him. The man pulled out a gun and pointed it to my dad. "Tell your wife to hand over her pearl necklace!" The man said rudely. We ignored him. My family and I were scared. We just stood there. The man then shot my dad and my mom in front of me. The man then pointed the gun at me. I was scared i didn't know what to do.

The man just then left running. I looked down. "M-mom !" I said shaking her. "Dad!" I said. My hands were covered with blood. I then realized "Oh no. They're d-dead." I dropped on my knees and and started to cry. "NOOOOOO!!!" I shouted as it started to echo. The GCPD came to where I was which the location was 'Crime Alley'.

They took care of the dead bodies. Commissioner Cowell came over to me and we started to talk. "What's your name son?" He said looking at me.

"My name is Bruce Payne." I replied crying. He put his arm around me and said: "I will find the man who killed your Mom and Dad. I promise." he said.


"Master Bruce. Hello? Master Bruce!" 


*End of flashback *


"Your coffee is ready." Paul said.

"I'll be right there." I replied. I go to the dining table and got my coffee.

Paul looked at me. "What's wrong Master Bruce?" he said.

"Nothing. Everything is okay. I was just, erhm...remembering my parents' death." I said.

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