The Avengers think that they know Clint Barton back to front. Master archer, assassin, etc. But do they really know the agent as well as they think?


1. New chapter

Clint Barton was woken up with a bang. He was never a light sleeper, and he was exhausted from his mission the night before, but he still jolted up at the noise. He sprinted down to the kitchen, the source of the noise, to see what was wrong.

When he got down, what he saw made him double over laughing. Tony and Thor were standing by the toaster covered in cherry pop tarts and Natasha and Steve had their jaws on the ground. Once he got ahold of himself, which took a good ten minutes, he asked,"What in the hell did you DO Stark?"

Tony pointed at Thor and rambled,"It wasn't MY fault! Thor wanted to learn to use the toaster and I don't have much time until Pepper and I go out for breakfast and" He faltered. "Clint? You wear glasses?"

Clint's hand went to his face. 'Damn!' He thought. 'I must've forgotten to take these stupid things off last night.' he turned red as everyone started to laugh. Once it had died down, Tony stood and said, "Alright everybody, that's enough. You've gotten your laugh."

"Why must these joys end, Man of Iron?" Thor boomed.

"Because some people are ashamed of the fact that the need to wear glasses. Like me, for example."

Clint swore everyone's jaw went through the floor. Steve gaped. "You too?"

"Yup. Deal with it." He walked away down to his lab. Right after he left, Pepper walked in. "Can someone go get him? We have to leave."

Clint sighed. "I got it."

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