Iris Renee and Hayden Crawford, two girls who just wanted to love... but it can never be that simple.


2. "Curious one aren't we."


    She looked at me, and I smiled at her. Then her eyes became heavy and they rolled into the back of her head. She fell into me chest but I still caught her. She was still breathing, *I think she’s just sleeping*, but I wanted to make sure.
     I picked her up gently and made sure my coat was covering her, and then walked down the avenue about a block to the nearest doctor’s office. My arms were hurting but I didn't care.

   “She will be fine; she just has a small fever, so take her home make some hot tea. Just one question…how do you know her?” asked Dr. Simon.

   “She’s my sister.” I lied.

     So, not knowing what else to do I took her home.

    I woke up in a bed, but it wasn't mine. I rolled over and looked around. I was in a bedroom with a big window, a dresser, and a T.V. I looked down and I was wearing some black shorts with a MCR t-shirt on. I grabbed the shirt, pulled it out and looked down… I was still wearing the nude bra I had on last night.
   “Oh, thank god!”
   *Okay, that’s one question answered, the other question is...
   I got out of the bed and walked into the hallway. I didn't recognize anything. I walked down the stairs into the living room, and there was Iris still sleeping on the couch…

   “That wasn't a dream… this can’t be happening.”

       I walked into the bathroom that was to the left of me, turned on the light and looked into the mirror. I had a busted lip and a bruise where my cheek bone was. I lifted up my shirt and I had a couple of bruises on my ribs. I needed to clean up my lip, so I looked around for some rubbing alcohol or peroxide. I opened the cupboard, and popped my     head in moving things around to see if I could find anything.

   “Curious one aren't we.” Iris said with a cocky attitude.

   “Holy shi- *Bump*… Ow!” I said while hitting my head on the cabinet

   “Sorry! Are you okay?” She asked.

   I slapped her leg and said “Don’t Do That You Little Shit Head!” Because it hurt really bad.


   “Sorry…so how are you feeling?” I asked not knowing what to say.

   “This is weird…What are we even doing?" Delilah asked.

   “I don’t know… maybe we can just talk?” I said

   “No… I think I should go...” She said and tried to walk away but I grabbed her arm.

   “Please, Don’t go… I know this is strange and people don’t usually do this, I just have to know you, who you are,     what your like.”

   After a long pause she finally said something..

   “Fine” she said while walking into the living room then sat on the couch.

   “What do you want to know?” She asked.


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