Emma Basset

Emma and her family move to Scotland when her father is offered a job at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Things at Hogwarts are not as Emma had imagined.


9. Chapter 9

During the rest of the feast Hermione, Ron, and Harry told me all the things I would need to know to survive at Hogwarts, the mean professors, and the bad students. Harry had a strange scar on his forehead, it was in the shape of a lightning bolt, his dark bangs mostly covered it but you could see it when he adjusted his glasses. After the feast we went to our house common room where our head of house, professor McGonagall gave us our room assignments. I was placed in a room with Hermione, and two other girls, one named Lavender Brown, and the other named Parvati Patil. Lavender and Parvati looked as if they were already best friends, they were arm in arm and were giggling and talking to each other. Hermione stood next to me “our things will be waiting in our room” she said, I smiled and followed her. Our room had red and gold banners of soft silk-like materials hanging from our beds. The windows were fogged up, illuminating the tiny cracks in the panes. There were two bunk beds on either side of the room, Hermione smiled at me “top bunk or bottom bunk?” she asked, I smiled back “bottom bunk” I said. 

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