Emma Basset

Emma and her family move to Scotland when her father is offered a job at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Things at Hogwarts are not as Emma had imagined.


6. Chapter 6

 A tall man, taller than the tallest man I had ever seen was guiding the students into the hall, he had a bushy brown beard and long bushy brown hair. He approached me and my siblings “you must be the Bassets” he said, he had a West Country accent, it was friendly and welcoming. I nodded “I’m Emma, this is my brother Daniel, and my sisters Sadie and Kassie” I said, I stuck my hand out and he shook it “get in line behind little Darrius Denver” he said pointing to a small boy at the back of the line. We did as we were told and watched as the returning students shuffled into the hall, their house crest on their uniform. Shortly after all the students went into the hall, we, and the first years entered the hall. The hall was beautiful, the ceiling was lined with floating candles, and if you looked past the candles the ceiling was made to look like the night sky. My gaze went from the ceiling to the front of the hall where the professors were lined, my father was sitting in between two men, one of them had scraggly brown hair and a scruffy beard, and the other had shoulder-length greasy black hair and a slightly crooked nose. I scanned the rest of the professors, they were all very different, one was short and stout, one had short spikey hair, and another had a magnificent beard and half-moon glasses, I recognized him to be Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster. I recognized him from a picture I had seen in one of my books, he looked a lot older and more tired than he had in he had in the picture. He continued to tell us the rules, and introduce the professors to us before he started what they called the ‘sorting ceremony’. 


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