Emma Basset

Emma and her family move to Scotland when her father is offered a job at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Things at Hogwarts are not as Emma had imagined.


11. Chapter 11

The breakfast I ate that morning was the best I had ever had, the sausages were cooked to perfection as were the eggs. After breakfast I had my first class of the day, potions. Harry, Hermione, and Ron had warned me about the potions professor, they told me that he was a death eater. I had read about death eaters in one of my books, they were horrible witches and wizards who believed that muggles, a muggle-borns were abominations and thought that they had no place in the world. I had met people like that before, but none of them were as bad as the death eaters. The potions class was taught in the dungeon, the class room was dark and you could smell all the ingredients in the room, including tongue of lamb which did not smell nice. I sat in the seat next to Harry, Hermione and Ron sat in front of us. Harry smiled at me “so, where did you come from?” he asked, I smiled back at him “Minnesota, it’s in America” I said. He nodded “you don’t have an American accent” he said

“I originally came from Ireland, but I have lived in Minnesota since I was 5”

“did you want to move here?”

“yeah, I guess, my father is the new defense against the dark art professor”

Harry was about to answer me when someone interrupted “and who is your new friend Mr. Potter” it was our professor, professor Snape.


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