Emma Basset

Emma and her family move to Scotland when her father is offered a job at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Things at Hogwarts are not as Emma had imagined.


1. Chapter 1

Mum, Sadie, Kassie, Bella, Daniel, Kyle, and I sat in the living room listening to our favorite radio program ‘the adventures of Helena Humphrey, a witch’s tale’. Today they were telling the story of Helena and the Trolls of Tibet my brother Kyles’s favorite. Half way through the program, just as the story was beginning to get exciting my father walked into the room and shut off the radio. We all looked up at him “daddy, put it back on, she was just about to fight the trolls” Kyle cried, my father lifted his hand as to shush him. Kyle whimpered but stopped talking, my father had a serious look on his face, the look he got when one of us were going to get in trouble. Then just as I was thinking he was going to yell at us he broke out a big grin “I have some good news family” he said. Everyone perked up and looked at him with anticipation of this good news “I have been given the opportunity to teach at one of the best, most fascinating wizarding schools in the world” he said. Kyle jumped up and down “Penstock, where Helena Humphrey went to learn how to be a proper witch” he said, my dad laughed, as did the rest of us. He smiled “no, not Penstock” he said, Kassie smiled “is it that fancy French school?” she asked, my dad smiled “no, Hogwarts” he said. A huge smile ran across my face, I had read about Hogwarts in some of my books it was the most amazing school I had ever read about, its history was rich, and the headmaster was a world famous wizard, Albus Dumbledore, one of my idols. My brothers and sisters on the other hand looked extremely confused “that sounds disgusting” Sadie said “Hogwarts, like warts on a hog” she said. My dad smiled “I guess” he relied “it’s in Scotland” he said, that got everyone excited, even Daniel, and he was a very monotone, bland, boring person. My mum looked up at him “what about my job” she said, mum worked at the hospital, she worked with potions-gone-wrong patients. Dad smiled “that’s the brilliant thing, Albus Dumbledore, my new boss said that he could secure you a job at the hospital over there” he said. My mum pondered it for a while “well, I have been looking for a change” she said, everyone smiled, we were going to move to Scotland. I stood up “when are we leaving?” I asked “next week” he said.

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