Will i ever be okay?

You and Michael have been in love since you guys were 15. You have been in love for what seems like forever. But when Michael finds out your secret. Your whole world is tipped upside down


1. Chapter 1

"Put call of duty in!" Michael yells!

"Okay just wait" I reply.

I jump out of his lap and run over to our new ps4. Michael was so excited about it. And quite frankly I was to. I grabbed the C.O.D case and opened it up and placed it carefully into the ps4. I run back over to Michael and jump back onto his lap wrapping my legs around his waist. He grabs my thighs gently.

"How much do you love me?" I say.

"Almost as much as Sally." He replies. Sally as in his new play station. I punch him playfully.

"Fine fine. I love you more than Sally. I love you more than anything" he finally says.

"Oh well I'm sorry to say but I don't know if I feel the same way." I say playfully biting my lips.

"Phew cos I was looking for a way to brake it off" he said.

I laugh then quickly press my lips to his. I feel his lips curve into a smile as we kiss.

Every time I kiss Michael I swear fireworks are going off.

Michael turns me over so he's on top of me. As he is kissing me and I'm kissing him. He heard the C.O.D theme music come on. He quickly whispers in my ear. "grab the other controller beautiful" he says. I love it when he calls me beautiful cos it makes me feel like I really am beautiful when I know I'm not

For the rest of the night we cuddled and ate and played C.O.D. You were just about to fall asleep on Michael's chest when u hear the front door open and shut so loud. Great. Luke and calum are home. Drunk off there asses. Michael thinks I'm asleep so he carries me into our bedroom. He carefully put me into the bed and puts our Pokemon sheets over top of me. He leaves and I hear him talking to a luke and calum.

I quietly hop out of bed so he doesn't hear me and come in. I go into the bathroom and lock the door. I grab the razor from the shaver I use to shave my legs and press it against my wrist. I do this several times. Once I'm done I go into my drawers and rummage through until I found a oversized jersey. I slipped it on and jumped into bed like nothing ever happened.

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