Lost for a Day, Gone Forever

Gone Girl, is what she would be called... Maybe... There were too many variables too many bad people. Running all the way to a different country... now some would say that is drastic. McKenna would say it wasn't far enough. What happens when she meets someone famous on a plane?


5. Chapter 5: Finding a Job

Chapter 5: Finding a Job

*McKenna P.O.V.*


I head out of the bathroom, and head back down stairs. I can hear the boys having a somewhat intensive conversation, but I think nothing of it and walk back into the kitchen. They immediately stop talking and look at me. "What? Did I do something wrong," I question them sitting down next to the group. "No, we were just discussing something..," Ashton said. "Oh. Did I interupt? Do you want me to leave you guys alone so you guys can finish your conversation," I asked them starting to get up again. Michael sat me back down, "No, no. It was actually about you. Well actually something for you." I start looking at each of them really confused," What?... What is it?" Calum just chuckles, "Nothing bad Kenna, you actually might enjoy this." Still giving them a confused look Luke finally decides to elaborate, "What he means is, we were thinking that you could have a job with us. There isn't really a technical name for it. But, essentially you will make our music better, like what you did earlier. Technical advice. All the boys are super on board with it, we just have to talk to management to get the okay." My mouth drops to the floor, I just stand up and run over to Luke and hug him as tight as I can, "OH MY GOSH!!! That would be incredible!! I would love to. Thank you guys so much!! You are all so amazing, I can't believe you guys would make up a job for me!!" I then turn to hug the rest of the boys as tight as I can. "Like Luke said, it's not definite, we don't know what we could pay you, and it hasn't been approved by management yet," Calum said finally releasing from our hug. " I don't care. Just the fact that you guys went through all this trouble, and you guys are trying to get me a job with you guys is incredible!," I said bringing them all into one final group hug.


*2 Days Later*

Today I have an interview with Starbucks, while the boys have a meeting with management. I'm nervous about my interview, and I'm scared the boys are going to say they have to go on tour because they are my only friends here so far.

*After Interview*

I think the interview went really well. I hope I got the job, if I didn't I don't know what I'm going to do.

I get back to Michael's place and make some noodles while I wait for the boys to come home. I sit down on the couch and turn on Netflix on the T.V. I'm looking through all the movies and TV shows and finally find something semi-interesting, Wolfblood. I'm at the third episode when the boys finally come back. I immediately turn off the amazing show to find out what news the boys have. 

"Hey, how was the meeting? Anything new," I asked the boys. They turned and looked at each other. "Well...," Michael said. "It's kind of good news...," Calum said. "Just spit it out!!," I yelled in anticipation. "We asked them about you," Ashton responded. "And..," I asked inquisitively. "Looks like you have a part-time job helping us out with our music!," Luke responded. I ran and jumped in his arms, it was a shock to him at first, but he soon began hugging back. I then realized I was only hugging Luke, and brought the rest of them into the hug.

"Don't thank us too much yet," Ashton responded. "Yeah, management would like to meet with you, sign some contracts and discuss money," Michael added. "They said they could probably pay you $10 an hour, and you would only be working 20-30 hours a week at most. Plus we know you had that interview at Starbucks today," Calum added. "Okay, I understand, that sounds fine. I'd just love to work with you guys! Maybe if I get the job at Starbucks, I could do both. I'm not sure if that job is part-time or full-time. Plus I don't even know if I got the job yet," I responded sitting back on the couch, as the boys did the same. "When will you know if you got the job," Luke asked. "They said they would call me later today or tomorrow," I told them. 

Just then my phone began to ring, and I excused myself from the room. 

I get off the phone, and walk back into the living room where the boys are throwing pillows at each other. As soon as I walk in they stop and look at me. "Who was that," Luke asked. "Oh, no one. Just some manager calling for coffee on Monday 12-5," I tell them sounding like it's no big deal. Luke and Calum look at each other, then at Michael and Ashton. They then run and jump on me, tackling me to the ground. "Congrats!!!!," they all yelled in my ear.




*Author's Note*

Hey, sorry for not updating as often as I said I would. I will try to get back on track.

First Goal: 2 Favorites, 2 Likes, 2 Comments Please!!!

L.o.L - McKenna Aria Smith

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