Lost for a Day, Gone Forever

Gone Girl, is what she would be called... Maybe... There were too many variables too many bad people. Running all the way to a different country... now some would say that is drastic. McKenna would say it wasn't far enough. What happens when she meets someone famous on a plane?


4. Chapter 4: Meeting the Boys

Chapter 4: Meeting the Boys

*Mckenna P.O.V.*


Michael and I got ready, and left his house to meet up with his band mates. Michael drove for about 10 minutes until we got there. This house was nice, I mean it wasn't a mansion, but you could tell it was well taken care of.

Michael and I hopped out of the car, and headed towards the door. "You're sure they are okay with me coming. Like I said I don't ever want to be intruding," I said sheepishly. "You are never intruding. The boys are going to love you, trust me," Michael gleamed.

We got to the door, I looked over at Michael and I could tell he was extremely happy. Michael looked over at me, "Come on, don't be scared. The guys are great, you're going to love them." And with that he just walked into the house, no knock or anything. "MICHAEL IS IN THE HOUSE," Michael yelled walking into the house. Meanwhile as he walked in yelling, I just stood on the porch not sure if I should follow him or what. Next thing I see is three boys running from all over the house and jumping onto Michael. They start messing around with each other, play fighting, meanwhile I'm just standing on the porch just looking at them.

Michael finally looked over and saw that I was still on the porch. He said something to the guys, that I couldn't quite make out. They stopped attacking each other and all stared at me. I immediately start blushing and looking down. Michael then walks over, "Hey McKenna, what are you doing out there. Come on in and meet the boys. I promise they don't bite... much." I walk in with my head still down, and we all head into what I guess is the living room.

Michael sits down on the couch, as I follow him into the room with my head still down. The other boys soon follow. The boy with the blond quiff walks over to me before he sits down, and tilts my head up to look at his eyes. They were gorgeous, I almost got lost in them until he began to speak, "Hey beautiful, you don't need to be shy or insecure around us. We are easy going, just be yourself." I then blush and try to look down again, but his hand under my chin wouldn't let me. He then goes and sits down next to Michael and the other two boys, leaving me the only person standing.

I look over at Michael almost asking what I should do. Michael just looks at me and chuckles, "Okay, boys this is McKenna. McKenna, these are the boys." I chuckle, "Yeah Michael, that is great description on who they are." The boys burst up laughing. The guy wearing a muscle tee and a bandana smacked Michael's arm, "I'm Ashton, the drummer of the band." "I'm Calum, the bassist, if that's even a word," says the guy with dark brown, almost black, hair in a semi-quiff said. Finally the guy with the blond quiff introduces himself, "I'm Luke, guitarist and lead vocalist of the band. It's nice to meet you McKenna. I think you will fit right in with our group," he says with a wink at the end.

I blush and look down again. Next thing I know Luke is right in front of me, "I told you not to do that," I try to look away from his face and bite my lip. Luke just groans and lets go of my face, "Okay boys, lets go practice." With that they began to file out the room, and I just followed them into what seems to be a garage that is set up with instruments. I gawk at all of the instruments and their set up, including a pool and air hockey table. Luke and Calum look at each other after observing me and begin chuckling, I look down and blush again. "McKenna, how about you sit over there in the bean bag chair and listen to us, and tells us what you think," Luke suggested. I nodded and waddled over to the bean bag and fell into it and curled up almost into a ball and watched them.

They were amazing, they weren't even done with the first song and I think my mouth was on the floor. Luke and Calum kept looking over at me while they were playing, making me force close my mouth, look down, and blush. They continued playing song after song. They played about 5-6 in total. Once they finished the last song, they all looked over at me and asked what I thought.

I stared at them in awe, "I literally have no words. You guys are incredible, I had no idea you guys could play like THAT." They began laughing. "What if... I... no.. I.. never mind... I shouldn't," I began to stumble. Luke and Calum look at me trying to figure out what I was trying to say. "What," Luke asked me. "Oh.. umm. Nothing, never mind, I don't want to over step." "No, no. Tell us. If you have suggestions that could make us better, we are all ears," Calum said stepping closer. "Are you guys sure, I don't want to over step, I mean I just met you guys and everything," I began mumbling off. Ashton steps out from behind his drums and comes closer to the group, "No, tell us, we are totally up to hearing any suggestions." "Okay, but you guys asked for it. And you guys don't have to do this, it's just suggestions, you guys are great already, this could just make you better." Michael chuckles, "Just get on with it, come on, tell us.

I begin to tell them some minor things they could do to the songs to make it better. Mainly just some technical things; going higher instead of lower on certain parts, more bass, change some chords, different chord octaves, more hi-hat/snare, etc. They all took my input very well. Then they tried the songs with my suggestions. Once they were finished, I asked them what they thought.

They all looked at each other and nodded. I was very confused. Then Luke came up and hugged me, "You just made us ten times better!!" "What? No, you guys were already incredible, I just made you a little better, nothing major," I shyly added still being hugged by Luke. The others then joined in on our hug. Finally after like two minutes they let go of me, and we began walking back into the house and passed the living room, and into a kitchen.

Everyone grabbed a bottle of water and a bag of chips, and sat down at the island counter. "So guys, since I'm new in town and all, do you guys know of anywhere hiring. I mean I don't want to impose on Mikey for too long," I randomly start while we are just chilling in the kitchen. "I told you, you aren't imposing. It's great having someone else living with me, I mean I have the space," Michael insisted. I rolled my eyes, still waiting a response. They all shook their head. "Oh, actually, I think Starbucks down the street is hiring, and they tend to pay pretty well," Luke comments. "Oh okay, perfect, thanks. Hey sorry this is random, but does there happen to be a bathroom in this house, I drank a lot of water," shaking my empty water bottle. Ashton chuckles, "There's a trashcan under the sink, and there's a bathroom upstairs. Just go up the stairs in the living room, take a left once you reach the top, and it's the second door on the right." "Okay thanks," I say throwing my water bottle away, and heading out of the kitchen.

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