Lost for a Day, Gone Forever

Gone Girl, is what she would be called... Maybe... There were too many variables too many bad people. Running all the way to a different country... now some would say that is drastic. McKenna would say it wasn't far enough. What happens when she meets someone famous on a plane?


3. Chapter 3: Finding a Place

Chapter 3: Finding a Place

 * McKenna P.O.V.*

For the first half hour of the cab ride we continued talking, joking, and laughing. After that I began to get tired. We were still laughing when my head started to get heavy.Somehow my head ended up on Michael's shoulder, and I fell asleep.

The cab finally stopped, and I woke up just slightly. Michael shakes me a bit trying to make me up, I just reply with, "Whaaaattt... I don't wanna wake up. Leave me alooooonnneee." Michael just laughed and pushed me over onto the seat. Michael then got out grabbed our bags, put it in his apartment. He then returned, paid the driver, and attempted to get me to wake up again. He shook me again, and I just covered my head. He chuckled and slid me to the edge of the car, where he very smoothly picked me up bridal style and took me into his apartment, where he sat me down on a bed.

I woke up in a strange room, not recalling anything that happened the night before. I sat up and slowly remembered. I look around the room, it's a cream color, brown comforter, two lamps and bedside table on either side of the bed. I looked across from me and saw a large beautiful dresser with a mirror above it and a T.V. on the side, as well as a clock. I look at the clock at it says its 9am. Which seems so strange to me, but then I recall that we got in at 4am.

I then open the door and look out into the hallway, where some pictures hung, I walk down the hallway till I see a small set of stairs. I walk down them to find a large living room at the bottom, and a nice kitchen to the right.

I walked into the kitchen hoping Michael would be there, I was right. "Hi," I said sheepishly hoping he remembered me. "Hey, did you sleep alright?" I chuckled, "Yeah actually, I slept pretty darn good actually. What about you," I asked looking down at the ground. Michael came closer to me, and tilted my head up, "I slept fine, I'm used to the travel. By the way you don't need to be nervous or insecure around me. I'm just a typical guy. Actually typical doesn't quite fit, lets just say... I'm easy going, I guess." I chuckled. "Hey any chance there's breakfast, or water in this place," I asked staring into his green eyes. "LOL, I'll whip some breakfast right up," Michael said laughing his butt off. "While you make the breakfast, do you mind if I take a shower?" "No not a problem," Michael replied. I chuckled, "And where might I do that?" "Oh yeah, I forgot I haven't shown you were anything is yet. My bad. There's two bathrooms, one in my room and one at the end of the hall on the right. So from your room you would go past the stairs to get there, or go up the stairs and to the right." "Okay thanks, I'll be done in a jiffy."

I walked upstairs went to my rooms, grabbed some clothes, and headed to the bathroom. I took a shower for about 15 minutes. Hopped out, got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, and headed back to my room. I made a pile of dirty clothes to wash later, and headed back down stairs to the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen right when Michael was putting the food on some plates for us. Michael looked up, "Wow. You look even better clean." "Lol, you're a dork," I chuckled back at him. We took our food and went and sat in the living room.

Michael turned on the T.V. and we started watching cartoons, which made us laugh, A LOT. Then we started making jokes about the characters, and the show, it was hilarious.

Michael's phone began to ring. "HEY!! WHATS UP," he decided to yell into the phone really loud. I heard some mumbling on the phone, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. "Yeah, I can meet up for practice. What time?" Some more mumbling coming from the other line. Michael looks over at me," Okay. That works. Oh hey, can I bring someone with me. She's new, and she's going to be staying with me for a while. I'm the only person she knows here in Sydney." Some more mumbling happens from the phone, then Michael says, "Bye, see you then."

Michael looks over at me, and I just stare back at him not understanding what is going on. He just chuckles and says, "Okay, get ready. I'm going to go get in the shower, and get ready. I have band practice and you're coming along to meet the guys." My mouth just drops, "Oh. Okay... I didn't know you were in a band. But, I mean we only met last night so, I guess we don't know much about each other.






Authors Note:

Sorry, I promise not to do all these Author Notes. Sorry I haven't updated in a while I will try to update once to twice a week if I can. Also if possible can I please get at least one comment saying update, or what you like or want to happen. I will post a Goal at the bottom of every 5 chapters. PLEASE COMMENT, LIKE, or FAVORITE!! It really encourages me. THANKS. Sorry for doing an authors note.

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   -McKenna Aria Smith (pen name)

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