Lost for a Day, Gone Forever

Gone Girl, is what she would be called... Maybe... There were too many variables too many bad people. Running all the way to a different country... now some would say that is drastic. McKenna would say it wasn't far enough. What happens when she meets someone famous on a plane?


2. Chapter 2: Arrival

Chapter 2: Arrival

* McKenna P.O.V.*

It was just a typical flight. Easy take off, few people on the plane, I mean why would anyone be going on a non-stop flight to Sydney, Australia from Northern Utah? There have been no hitches in my plan. I was sitting in first class next to a boy that looked about 17. He had bleach blond spiked hair, was wearing a shirt that said 'Idiot' on it, some really skinny black jeans, and some rocker boots. His outfit seemed like he could be a bad boy, but his face and goofy laugh said otherwise. While everyone else seemed to be asleep on the plane, I found myself staring at the blond haired boy. Ironically he wasn't asleep like I thought, and said, "Take a picture, it would last longer," while chuckling. I immediately turned away and blushed, not realizing he was awake or how long I had been staring at him.

"Sorry, it's just funny... You seem like an oxymoron," I said still looking away and blushing.

"I was just trying to start a conversation, no reason to call me a moron," he said hurt.

"No, no. I wasn't calling you a moron. I said oxymoron, that means you contradict yourself. Like with your hair, your piercings, and your clothes you look like a bad boy, but your face and goofy laugh says that you are funny, and a good guy, and probably wouldn't hurt a fly," I said finally looking at him.

His face of confusion finally left, and he was just staring at me. I looked away after a few minutes, but he was still staring while I finally said, "Take a picture, it will last longer," and both of us burst up laughing, almost waking the whole plane.

I looked over at him again after trying to control my laughing. He put his hand out and said, "Hi, I'm Michael. Michael Clifford." I then stuck my hand out and shook his, "I'm McKenna. McKenna Vandawalker." "Nice to meet you McKenna," he said releasing from our handshake.

The rest of the plane ride we laughed and made jokes. Neither of us could stop laughing, I thought that if it wasn't for the fact we were over 8,000 ft. in the air we would be kicked off of the plane for our laughing.

Finally, the pilot comes on and says we are about to land, and should put our seat belts on. Michael and I just continue making jokes and laughing as we finally land.

Michael helps me grab my back from the overhead compartment and carries it off the plane for me. We then go down and grab his bag. We begin to head to the taxis, when Michael asks, "So where are you staying?" I look down and realized, I didn't have a place. I looked up at Michael and said, "Oh. I didn't think about that. I guess I'll just go check in at a hotel until I can find somewhere to stay, or get a place of my own." He chuckles and says, "Non-sense. You can just stay with me until you find a place. You're new here, don't know where anything is, and have no friends. I'm not just going to feed you to the wolves by letting you figure it out as you go." "No really, that's not necessary. I'll be find, I can find my way around a computer," I say politely. "Seriously, it's not a problem, I have an extra room that I don't use. You can just stay with until you find a job, and get a place of your own," Michael says assuredly. "Really? Okay, if you say so. Thank you so much. I GREATLY appreciate it. Tell me the second you get sick of me, and I'll get out of your hair," I say hugging him. "I doubt I could ever get sick of you," he said letting go of our hug. Just then the cab pulled up and he put our bags in the trunk and opened the door for me, and we crawled in.

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