Lost for a Day, Gone Forever

Gone Girl, is what she would be called... Maybe... There were too many variables too many bad people. Running all the way to a different country... now some would say that is drastic. McKenna would say it wasn't far enough. What happens when she meets someone famous on a plane?


1. Chapter 1: Gone Girl

Chapter 1: Gone Girl

*McKenna P.O.V*

Finally, I'm gone. There will no be trace left of me. Childhood photos gone. Clothes gone. Any and all personal belongings and social media destroyed. Even if anyone tried to find me, they couldn't. My car is in the middle of the lake. I am gone, only a distant memory to anyone that knew me.

I'm in a beat up old 1982 Ford EXP, that I bought for $300 in cash. I'll ditch it at the airport parking lot, and wipe my prints, no one will think anything of an ugly beat up old car being ditched at the airport.

*3 Weeks Ago*

That's it I'm gone, no one will see me again. I have all the money needed, all I need is a fake id, passport, and visa. None of which is hard to get, even in Arizona.

I take the bus down to the "sketchy" side of town. I called and asked around for a guy that's good with fakes. I'm meeting him at a fountain in Los Rojos Park, somewhere public, but sketchy enough that I wouldn't be asked questions.

I sit down at the fountain, and pretend to be looking at my phone. Then the guy comes up and sets a package down next to me. I look up in the opposite direction and slide the package onto my lap. I then check the package and make sure everything looks correct. It does. I then look in the opposite direction again and set a different package down, one with money in it for the guy. $1,000 to be exact, he was cheap, but did quality work. Papers, check. I immediately left, not wanting to stick around such a sketchy place.

*2 Weeks Ago*

I'm sitting at the public library on Craigslist. I'm messaging a guy to purchase a beat up old 1982 Ford EXP for $200 cash. Trying to hagel me for $400 he finally settled for $250, and i obliged. I had one condition, he had to keep it till the day before I was leaving, pick me up at Lake Powell, and he had to say he never saw me. I even told him he could pick up the car at the airport after I left and keep the money, if he did all of this then I would give him $300. He willingly obliged. Get away vehicle, check.

*1 Week Ago*

Slowly but surely, every night between 1am and 3am I would sneak outside and down the street to burn clothes, papers, pictures, or anything that relates to my existence. No one noticed a thing, no one knew anything.

*Two Days Before*

Everything was planned and ready to go. Everything destroyed all that was left that even showed I existed was a small duffel bag, that I would take with me. I had solidified with my "family" that I would be gone for the next two days, saying I was going camping with a friend. My single duffel bag would make sense to them, if they cared to notice when I left. My room was no longer my room it looked like a storage space/office. No mattress, no clothes, no dresser, no hangers, no pictures, nothing that would make this room seem like someone once lived in it. I cleaned everything, there would be no DNA, or forensic evidence showing I even existed. When I leave tomorrow, it will be like I never existed. No evidence, check.

*1 Day Before*

I left at 5am, no one awake in the world to see me leave, and I didn't leave a note. I got in my car and drove to Lake Powell. stopped the car about 500ft before the edge of the cliff that plunged into the water below. I put the car in Neutral, then found several large rocks and placed them on the gas pedal using gloves. The tires immediately started moving, but the car wasn't going anywhere. I then rolled down the window, closed the door, said goodbye to the car, and put it in drive and watched it fly off of the cliff and into the water below. No car, check.
I then turned and walked to the nearest town. I called the guy who owned the car that was to pick me up, and told him the town to pick me up at. Once 12pm hit, the guy was just pulling up with the car. He then gave me the keys, and sat in the passengers seat, so I could take him back to town. The ride was quiet, no questions, no talking, nothing.

I dropped the guy off, gave him the money, told him where the car would be if he wanted it back, and reminded him he never saw me. No witnesses, check.

I then drove to Northern Utah, only stopping at 12am at a truck stop to buy food, use the restroom, and sleep. By 4am, I was back on the road heading  to an airport. At 6, I stopped at a po-dunk town to get a disposable cell phone with an international calling capability. I was at the airport by 7am, looking for a flight that would take me far away as soon as possible, that was a nonstop flight. The only one at this airport that left today was to Sydney, Australia and it left at 2pm. It will have to do. I went to the counter and paid $1400 cash to get a first class seat. I just hung around the airport finding as much information as possible about Sydney, Australia and how to get around.

The flight came early, and actually left at 1:30pm. As far as the world new, I never lived in Arizona, and I never existed.

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