Dead Inside

(WARNING: This book contains graphic violence, strong language, and brief sexual at your own risk.)

His full lips brush gently across mine, sending electric shock waves throughout my body. How can something so wrong feel so right? He begins to lean away but I lean into him, not wanting this to end.

Our kiss deepens, the feeling of his soft warm lips is something I never wanna stop experiencing. I feel his rock hard but somehow gentle hands slip themselves down my ass and to my thighs. He grabs hold of them and pulls me ontop of his flawless body. This is all I wanna do for the rest of my life.


2. We Could Do It

One Week Later...

"So help me God Alexander Cole Brooks if you don't give me my fucking beanie back I will kill you!" I scream as I make another grab for my beanie.

   Alex jerks back again with that same devious smirk, he sticks his arm back in the air. It's not a really fair fight ya know. He's a little over six foot and I stand at a whopping five three. 

"Not until you hear me out!" He objects.

    I'm really dreading what he's wanting to talk about with me but this has been going on for like twenty minutes. My hair hasn't been teased today and it lies flat as a pancake, so I'm ready to just give into him. I sigh and flop down onto his full sized bed in frustration.

"Fine. Just give me the beanie back first," I order.

   He takes a seat next to me on the black comforter and thrusts my white beanie towards me, I yank it back on my head and cross my arms. He frowns a little, all of the playfulness has completely vanished from his eyes.

"We could do it ya know," he murmurs.

   Oh no...not this again. We've had this same argument thousands of times and frankly I'm really sick of it. I make an attempt to raise up off the bed and head out of his bedroom but he reacts faster; he grabs my forearm and jerks me back down.

"Brinna c'mon! I've got my license, my friend Noah has an extra room at his place that he's okay with us staying in, I can get a job and everything!" He pleads.

"But Alex-" 

"No! Don't you go saying that your dad will kill us! He can't hurt us if he can't find us! And you know I'd protect you with my life!" He glares.

   There he goes again, being the protective older stepbrother he's always been. I begin to let myself think about what he said...and reluctantly realize he's right. That if we don't run off now then my dad will eventually end up killing us...just like he did to my mom.

"I...I'll think about it," I sigh in defeat.

"Yes!" He grins while pulling me into a massive bear hug.

   I giggle and squeeze him back savoring the fact that I have at least one person in the world that loves me and is always by my side no matter what. 

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