Dead Inside

(WARNING: This book contains graphic violence, strong language, and brief sexual at your own risk.)

His full lips brush gently across mine, sending electric shock waves throughout my body. How can something so wrong feel so right? He begins to lean away but I lean into him, not wanting this to end.

Our kiss deepens, the feeling of his soft warm lips is something I never wanna stop experiencing. I feel his rock hard but somehow gentle hands slip themselves down my ass and to my thighs. He grabs hold of them and pulls me ontop of his flawless body. This is all I wanna do for the rest of my life.


3. Drunken Kisses

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," I mutter.

"Oh c'mon it's better than dying," Alex grumbles.

I sit down on the park bench. Wondering what the hell we're gonna do from here. It's kinda crazy. I've dreamt of doing this for so long but yet I'm so scared.

"What's up guys?" Alex's friend, Noah, smiles.

He's not alone. Two guys and three other girls are with him. They have 6 12 packs of beer and a radio. I stare in disbelief.

"What's all that shit for?"

"Duh. The party," a guy with the coolest skinny jeans I've ever seen replies.

"Noah! You said you were taking us to your place!" Alex exclaims

"Yea dude. AFTER the party. It's Saturday night and I wanna have some fun!" Noah laughs.

I laugh at his crazy stance. He's obviously had a few beers already. I look up and see Alex, unsure of what to do.

"You should join us guys!" Noah grins.

It's pretty late. Like ten at night in the middle of a public park. But I've never had alcohol before...and I'm kinda curious...

"C'mon Alex it'll be fun!" I smile.

He looks down at me, still unsure. But he finally sighs and nods his head. Everyone goes crazy. Noah sits the 6 12 packs on the picnic table and start blaring some Bullet For My Valentine. Everyone starts dancing...and not innocently. 2 of the cases of beer are gone within ten minutes.

I reach out to grab a bottle from the picnic table, but Alex grabs my wrist with a stern look. "You're too young," he says. I swat his hand away, tired of him treating me like a kid.

"I'll do what I want Alex," I mutter, grabbing a bottle and unscrewing the top.

"Whatever Brinna," He rolls his eyes.

I take a drink and start uncontrollably coughing and sputtering. It's really strong. But I kinda like it. And in the next ten minutes I've drank 5 of them. The world starts spinning.

Apparently Alex decided to stop being such a parent because he looks almost as drunk as I am.

"Let's play some spin the bottle!" Noah yells out.

Everyone sits on the ground, forming a circle around an empty bottle of beer on a wooden box. About ten minutes later it's my turn, and I spin it. It lands on Noah, he smirks.

He walks over to me and I press my lips on his. Shoving my tongue in his mouth. Everyone hoots and hollers and a few seconds later we pull apart and it's the next person's turn.

Alex spins his turn about a couple minutes later. His lands on the guy with those awesome looking skinny jeans. The guy walks over to him and they start making out, and I get a bit wet.

Guys kissing always turns me on, but I still think it's a little weird that I'm horny because one of the boys is my step brother. But what the hell.

They start frenching, making everyone whistle. A few seconds later they pull apart, and the boy goes back to where he was sitting.

My next turn happens fifteen minutes after that, one of the girl's, a more gothic that emo looking girl landed on me for her spin. I get up and walk over to her, frenching her. Making all the guy's chant "Strip!" until we pull apart.

When it's finally my last turn, because we all only are playing two rounds, I spin the bottle. It twirls for a little while and the slowly lands on someone unexpected...Alex.

"Ohhhhh! A little brother on sister action up in here guys!" Noah shouts, getting hoots and hollers from the group.

Normally, I'd probably quit the game and me and Alex would go home and laugh about it. But I'm not normally drunk. Alex staggers over to me, pretty wasted himself, and we lock lips in a drunken, sloppy French kiss.

I'm surprised. I like kissing him better than any of the others. The group chants in drunken excitement. We kiss a lot longer than required too, it's like we can't get the will power to pull apart. It feels so good.

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