What happens when one day, suddenly, everything collapses?
The people you used to know,
The family you used to love,
What has become of them?
They're all dead.


1. How it all started.


Let's just state one thing, This isn't as bad as I lay it all out, it's worse.


Whenever you hear the word zombie, what do you think of? Resident Evil? The Walking Dead? 

Well, may I introduce you to our everyday lives, in hell. It is year 2017, and a Chinese experiment has gone wrong, and the virus went loose. It wasn't long after it got out that 50,000 people in america were infected. It spread too fast. I have lost everything. I witnessed my brother, sister, mother, and stepfather killed, because I killed them. I had Kevin, Matt, and Kennedi, also Cameron, Alexis, and Bailey, and a few other guys we've come across. 

Now to get into the basics, lets start from the beginning...The day is October 17, 2015, and everything was supposed to be perfect. For the past year, ever since I met him, I have had this crush on Kevin, and him being a nerd and me being well, hot, I guess it worked out. Our parents said we couldn't date until Kevin was 16 and he turned 16 a few days ago. That night we were supposed to go on a date, our first date. It wasn't unlike me to worry, but nobody in Arkansas, or so we thought, had the virus. We had the bracelets stating that we were virus free, and Kevin came by my house around seven to pick me up. Our parents were going to go to come adult things while my siblings ran around. 

We arrived at the restaurant, the lights shining as bright as ever, but nobody planned it like this.

A woman hobbled in, rambling, then all of a sudden, she bit someone, Kevin got us out before everyone else realized, she had the disease. We walked outside, and everyone was walking slowly over to us, they had it too. We got into his car and sped to his house where the parents were. But we were too late. The door was wide open, Everything was all over the place, and our parents were, they were infected. Kevin grabbed a gun from behind a coat rack and I cried, no screamed. I didn't know why, I fell to my knees, I banged my fists on the floor, Kevin shakily handed me the small handgun. I stood up and slowly looked up. I saw the eyes that stared through my soul, I looked like a monster in her still crystal clear blue eyes. I looked at her appearance, her blonde hair compared to my brown, her strong will against a quivering soul like mine. I saw her pain, her misery, I saw her happiness, her sadness. Most of all I saw her love. Her eyes beckoned me as I looked around, I saw five bodies on the floor. Kevin's parents, My siblings, one a mere six, the other, a mere twelve. I looked at my stepfather, who always cracked a joke at the right time. I looked back at her as her eyes pleaded me, I shut my eyes and felt one tear fall down my face as I pulled the trigger.


I am never going back to that ever again.

And that is how my story begins.


I was born July 13, 2000. Brought into this world by mistake as the mean girls would say, as a goddess as the male figures would say. In 2005, my father figure left, an alcoholic with no college diploma, leaving for Oklahoma. It wasn't because he couldn't stand my mom at all, but simply because she refused to move there. 

I had troubles going down this road, I didn't ever want to see my dad. For who could ever want to see someone who simply gave up and ruined your childhood? I was 14 by this time, which was two years ago. That was the first time I met Kevin, he was such a shy, smart type at school who could also crack a joke and smile constantly. We went to the fair, nothing much happened with my mom watching 10 feet away, but we both liked it. Soon after, we both realized we can't quite be a thing until he turns sixteen. We stuck to being close friends until I decided to date someone else, a junior. His name was Matt, and he happens to be one of the survivors, we dated over a weekend, I told him I was still in love with Kevin, so we broke up, it sadly hurt him more than me. He hates Kevin, even until this day.

Kennedi had been the one there for me since second grade, her and alexis both. I can't even begin to explain how much I need them, then and now. Bailey also, whom I got close with in eighth grade. Cameron was just a friend of friends, even though we did speak a lot.


But That's all old news now.


Now I have recently turned sixteen, and this little town of Hot Springs, Arkansas has been over ran with the virus. Currently we are staying in Sams, surrounded by food, weapons, electricity, and shelter. In the middle of a shopping complex, you can get places.We all stick together, even if some of us may hate each other, we have guns, we have ammunition, we have food, and we will survive.


This is the story of Me.

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