Bad Boys Club (Season 19)



Episode 1

Opening Fight: Los Angeles 4:52 AM Police Officer ask what happened this time gentlemen? Jeremiah tell him, there was a limo that came earlier the three of us got in the limo and locked the others out. 12:12 AM: Jamir tell Hyfese, Naseem and Aaron, that’s ok I didn’t wanna ride with them bitches anyways. 4:52 AM: Jeremiah tell the police officer, we preceded to go on about our night. The other 4 men stayed here in the house and preceded to destroy all of our personal belongings. If you go in the house it looks like a tornado went through it. 12:15 AM Aaron yell I'm tired of making an ass outta myself. Jamir yell I'm tired of biting my tongue because biting my tongue isn't going to get me anywhere. Hyfese tell them, I wanna change that's why I'm here but it's only getting worse. The 4 of them are destroying Jeremiah, Rashawn and Rahfek belongings and throwing it outside. The limo pulls up. Hyfese yell they're here. Jeremiah yell who shit is that? Oh my god that's our stuff. The three men run in the house.

4 weeks earlier: Jamir say All my life I been a bad boy. I'm just a bitch to people, everyday of my life I'm just arguing with everybody. I'm low key insecure but I don’t let it show. Being here I want to gain the confidence that I know I have. Jamir yell oh my god this is amazing. Jamir say I'm the first in the house and I'm on top of the world. Jamir yell we going to turn this shit up. I cant wait. Aaron enter the house next. Aaron say I'm usually quiet and don’t stand up for myself but once I get angry it's game over. Being in the Bad Boys Club I want to be able to stand up for myself without having to be pushed to the edge. Aaron yell who is here? Jamir tell him, hi. Aaron ask him, where is the henny? Jamir tell him, I like you you're my roommate. Aaron say Jamir seem real cool and I like him so he's my roommate. Next to enter are Jeremiah and Rahfek. Jeremiah say I'm always on fleek. Like look at me. People seem to follow me I'm a leader so I'm not going to have no problems. If I look familiar its because I was the one who was fucking Drake. Being here I want to learn how to control my anger because it takes over. Rahfek say I'm a model. I'm a fashion and business student. And oh I got anger problems. I'm a professional but it's so easy to take me to my hood ways. If being her I can control that my business can expand and I'll be more respected. They enter the house. Jeremiah yell Oh my god. Jamir yell Bad Boys 19. All the men cheer. Aaron tell them, oh my god yall are cute. Rahfek tell him, thanks. Aaron tell them, this about to be my vacation of a lifetime. Rahfek say Aaron is cute he's nobody I'll ever look at twice but he's cute. Jeremiah tell Rahfek, I want to room with you. Rahfek tell him, lets get the 3 bedroom room. Jeremiah tell him, ok. Let's do it. Next to enter are Hyfese and Jacob. Hyfese say I'm a hood boy but I don’t want to be known as that. I'm a party boy I get along with everybody and it's my downfall and my upbringing. Jacob say I'm always the center of attention. It’s a problem I swear. I'm outspoken and it gets me in trouble so while here I want to just learn how to not react to everything. They enter the house. All 6 men are talking. Hyfese tell them, we need to go out. Jacob yell I'm turning up tonight. Rahfek yell hold up Jeremiah you look familiar. Jeremiah tell him, I was the one fucking Drake. The men yell. Hyfese tell him you messed up my nigga life. Jeremiah tell him, oh well he should have cut that check. Hyfese say with Jeremiah this about to be interesting. Aaron ask Where is the 7th man? Jeremiah tell him, he should be here soon. Rahfek say I know who the 7th roommate is and when the other boys see who it is they going to be shocked.

Jamir tell Hyfese, I'm ready to really get shit turnt up. Hyfese tell him, we got a long time here so we gonna live it up. Jamir tell him, these 3 months about to be crazy. Hyfese say I'm talking with everybody and I'm getting along with everybody and I already know this is about to be good for me. Rashawn enter the house. Rashawn say I'm very nice, I get along with everybody. Just because I'm nice don’t mean I won't slap a nigga. But it takes a while before I get to that point. I don’t really have problems but the one who don’t see anything wrong with them is usually the one who have the most problems. Rashawn enter the house and Rahfek run up and hug him. Jacob yell wait are yall twins? Rahfek tell him, no he my little brother. Jamir say it's not really fair there are brothers but I'm not worried. Meanwhile, Aaron tell Jamir and Jacob, I don’t like that there are brothers because if somebody get into it with one you get into it with both of them. Jacob tell him, they seem cool right now. Aaron tell him, I hope they stay that way. The men get ready to go out. Rashawn ask Jeremiah, can you touch my face us? Jeremiah tell him, sure baby. Jacob yell lets go I'm ready to leave. Jeremiah yell wait we're doing something. Jacob yell shut up and hurry up. Jeremiah tell Rashawn, hold up. Jeremiah go downstairs and tell Jacob, listen here you not going to disrespect me. Jacob ask who disrespected you? Jeremiah yell you, dumb ass. Jamir ask really, all this on day 1? Jeremiah tell him, niggas need to realize this is the muthafuckin Miah Show. Jamir tell him, I don’t know about that I signed up for the Bad Boys Club. Hyfese say I just want to drink and be around girls so niggas stop the arguing and lets go out. Hyfese yell Stop arguing and finish getting ready. Jeremiah tell him, oh I am but her better watch who he talking to. Jacob tell him, go on. Rahfek tell Jeremiah, you're crazy. Jeremiah tell him, chile I can't deal with this shit.

They head to the limo. In the limo, Hyfese yell we're the bad boys in town and we need to turn LA the fuck up and show America we're the hottest season the show have ever seen. All the men cheer. Jeremiah say I'm ready to show the world who really run LA. In the club, all the men are having fun. Jamir tell Aaron, Jacob gets crazy. Jacob yell where's the shots? Hyfese yell come on. Jacob tell him, come on take them with me. Hyfese say Jacob is going to be my drinking buddy he's ready for a party. Jeremiah yell I'm surprised there's no rappers here. This is one of their hangout spots. Aaron say Jeremiah brags a lot about what he have and who he know I'm just like shut up. Jamir ask Rashawn, why aren't you drinking? Rashawn tell him, I'm 20. Jamir tell him, Damn. Jacob tell Jamir, they just sitting down like we're in a club stand up dance. Jamir tell him, some people just isn't club people. Jeremiah tell Jacob, if you have something to say, say it out loud. Jacob yell get out my fuckin face. Jeremiah throw a drink on him. Jacob tell him, childish. Rahfek say Jeremiah is my dog he goes off and I love it. In the limo, Rahfek tell Rashawn, I'm drunk. Rashawn tell him, I know. Rahfek tell him, you're irked. Rashawn tell him, I hate when you're drink you're so irritating. Rahfek laughs. Jeremiah tell Jacob, in the club you kept making dumbass comments. Say it to my face oh I forgot you not cuz you're not a bad boy. Jacob yell shut up. Jeremiah punches him.

Jeremiah punches Jacob. They start fighting. Jeremiah is on top of Jacob. Rashawn and Rahfek start breaking up the fight. Jacob start getting the upper hand. Jeremiah yell let go of my hair. They get broken apart. Jacob yell fuck with me again. Jeremiah yell oh I will you stupid ass bitch. Back at the house, Jamir tell Jacob, yall are crazy. Jacob tell him, I'm not crazy he came at me. Jamir tell him, I know. Just lay down drunkie. Meanwhile, Hyfese and Rashawn are helping Rahfek into his bed. Hyfese tell Rashawn, I think it's so cool that your brother is here. Rashawn tell him, I know. It's nice to know that there's somebody here who have my back 100%. Hyfese tell him, lucky you. Rashawn say I'm talking with Hyfese and he remind me a lot of the people I hang out with back home. The men go in the kitchen. Jamir tell Jeremiah, I have a problem with you saying it was the Miah show. Without us there is no show. Jeremiah tell him, I do think it could still be a show I'm a diverse person I could be really entertaining by myself. Jamir tell him, I just don’t. Jamir say Jeremiah have a lot of confidence and I like that. But I do think we'll bump heads because of it. Meanwhile, Jacob call his friend Anthony and tell him, I got into the first fight. Anthony tell him, Damn I need to visit. Jacob tell him, I need you to visit too. It's going to be crazy here but I can handle it. Anthony tell him, I need to be there and turn up. Jacob tell him, yea just get my mind off of everything. Jacob say Anthony is my best friend he's gay I'm straight but we're like two peas in a pod. We need each other. Jamir tell Aaron, this about to be the summer of our lives. Aaron tell him, I'm ready. Aaron say I'm ready for all the lying, backstabbing, fights, crying, laughing, just everything Bad Boys Club is about.

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