love hurts

A girl named Sasha was on her way to go pick her little sister but when she gets out of the car and falls into a boy named Austins day her mom get tired of her and sends the two girls to New York. Are they detined to be be apart or will they find away.


1. SaSha

It was a cold icy winter day and I was on my way to pick up my little up from my best friend Mary's  house. Her little sister is friend with my little sister. Finally I got to her house. so I slowly got parked and got out. I walked alittle too fast and slipped on a piece of ice and fell down. at least thought i thought i did. suddenly i felt big strong arms rap around my waist. be

"Be careful miss are you ok?"a voice asked. "Yes I'm really sorry." i said as I turned around. when I looked who was behind me to see who had saved me. when i take one look at him i nearly faint. i was right about one thing is that he had strong muscles. he had bleach blond hair and the most beautiful deep blue need you eyes. then, when i looked straight into his eyes i couldnt take my eyes off of him and he looked at my eye. we did it until i lost my balance, but once againg he he rapped one arm around my arm and cought me. Then he just laughed.

"are u ok?" he asked still laughing.

" Yea, thanks,again". I say.

"Any time." the boy said as he turned around to leave.

"Hey, wait, I didnt catch ur name." I say.

" Its Austin." he says.

" I'm Sasha." I say.

" Its nice to meet you Sasha." Austin says.

" Its nice to meet you too, Austin." I say.

Then i turn around to go in side but he stops me.

"Hey I was wondering if u want to go to the hockey game this weekend. And I can teach you how to ice skate before the game." Austin said.

" Sure, but just warning you im bad on skates." i say.

" Then we have our work cut out for us, dont we?" He teased.

Then I playfully slap him on the shoulder like I've known him forever.

"Ah, your so mean." I tease back.

" Its the truth, doll." He said.

"But, yes I will go to the game." I say.

Then he smiles at me. Then I turn around but then back to him.

"oh, by the way, thanks again." i say with a playful smile.

Then he gives me a smile back as I walk to the door and walk inside and then left.

When I walk into the living room where Mary was looking out the window then at me with a smile. I sigh with relief.

" Tell me every thing." she says.

Then Mary and I sit down and tell her.

"His name is Austin, he plays hockey, and he invited me to go to his game this weekend." I say.

"Wait did you say Austin?" Mary asked.

" Yea, why?" I ask.

" Hey is Daniel best friend that is captin of the hockey team." she said

" Oh, wow." I say.

"Yea." she says.

Then Sallie walks in and runs to meand hugs me.

" Sasha, your here, I've missed you." she says.

" Hey buger, I've missed u too, did you have fun with Ashely and Mary?" I ask.

" Sure did, we went sledding." Se says"

"How fun, hey go get your coat and we can go ok?" I say.

"Okay." she says and runs off.

5 minutes later sallie is back and ready to go.

" I will see you later." I say to Mary.

Then walk out to the car, open the back door, buckle her up, and close the door. I walk to the driver side and get in, buckle up and drive home.




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