A romance blooms with fame on the table


1. first second chance

I am a horrible romantic I was born that way. My mom used to say nothing but hearts and flowers for my little girl and I was totally ok with that being the most popular girl in my small town with the best looks I thought I would always have that. Once mom and dad died I felt the romantic in me die. My parents who had always loved me where gone and I was so lost in the world of love. moving in with my aunt seemed like a good idea.

This is how the greatest romance of my life started with me thinking I could never love again. My aunt lived alone in a beautiful mansion surrounded in rolling hills and green grass her house was older with polished wood, silver displays and ironed table cloths frankly it looked like a old museum. The only neighbour she had where the Hemmings they lived a few minutes down the road and I had meet there 3 sons a few times. A small group of trees was all that separated the backs of the houses often in my summers spent here I could see the boys climbing in and around them coming close to my window. As I packed up my room all I could think about was Luke my favourite of the brothers he was my age and very cute as a boy he had a hot bad boy attitude and last time we talked was staring a band I think well it doesn't matter anyways.

I needed to get all my packing done the car would be here to take me to the airport soon and I still had half my stuff thrown in no order all over my room old mascara still in the bathroom my best sweaters in a pile on the bed it was a mess. I hurried as much as I could but by the time the car go here I still wasn't ready I rushed to get the door as the driver stood there I told him to call and book me on the next flight I simply was not going to make this one. He disappeared to make some calls no way was this going to be ok with my aunt I braced myself for the long flight I had never made alone and the anger I would get from her for being hours late.

The Long flight did nothing but worsen my mood I tossed and turned for hours and hours until finally we landed. On my way towards the baggage claim trying to find my bags when I spotted the tall dark mysterious stranger holding my name and with my luggage another driver. I can do this by myself I don't need to be spoiled and babied I thought irritated.

As we pull up to the mansion I can help but be taken by its beauty the rolling hills and green grass until I spotted my aunt sitting on the porch looking like she'd been stewing for a good hour or so. I reluctantly got out of the car and let the driver handle my bags slowly making my way up the long driveway knowing I'd be in for hell.

When I reached her she said nothing when I went to walk past her to open the door I quickly realized it was locked great we're in for a little chat are we.

"while you're here you will obey a list of rules " she said sternly

"if you break a single one I will send you back home and you can find another family member to be your meal ticket "

My thoughts wandered when my parents had died and I realized I couldn't pay the bill or the mortgage left on the house I knew I needed somebody to help me out. My behavior before they died had put my parents through hell and most of the family members were shunning me at the point in time. I was surprised when my least favorite distant wealthy aunt offered to take me in. Then again no one else offered and I didn't have much of a choice so here I am.

She handed me a sealed envelope which I assume would be an introduction letter or maybe an outline of all the rules. She then rose and unlocked the door i picked my bags up from where the drive had left them and made my way into the house. I was once again taken by it's beauty as I made my way to my room I realized how quiet the house was all desolate and alone.

I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking and arranging my room just right. Putting my clothes in the closet lining up my perfume setting up the bathroom with my make up and hair stuff. All that was left was the envelope. I ripped it open.

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