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2. Similar Feelings ~ Luke Hemmings


I sit on the end of my bed and gaze at my wall which is filled with pictures and posters of my favourite bands and my favourite memories with my friends. I slightly smile at the silly photos that I have taken with the boys. I tried to keep my mind blank from thinking of that one guy that has taken over my mind. What was the point of thinking about him? Ever since Zayn introduced me to him, his perfect smile, eyes, just everything in general has been stuck in my mind. Every time I see him I get butterflies in my stomach. Even if someone says his name it gets me light headed. The only wish I had was that hopefully he felt the same way towards me. Now I know what you thinking, I'm overreacting. But have you ever found just one person in your life that you feel so happy to be around and whenever their talking to you, you just can't stop smiling? Yeah well that's how I'm feeling. My thoughts were interrupted when I hear a knock on my bedroom door. 

"Come in" I yell

Calum comes in, he was dressed in the usual black skinny jeans and a Nickleback shirt. 

"Hey Kat" he greeted 

"Hi" I smiled

"So you coming to the party Mickey's throwing?"

"Nah I think I'll give it a miss tonight"

"Come on Kat, Luke's gonna be there"

The sound of Luke's name makes me smile. 

I hesitate for a bit

"Fine I'll come"

"Good, get ready I'll meet you downstairs in half an hour"

"Are you serious? Do you know how long it takes me to get ready?"

"Well you better hurry up or I'm gonna leave without you" he laughs as he walks out of the room.

What am I gonna wear? Was the first thing I thought of as I walk over to my wardrobe. I have literally got nothing to wear. After a while of deciding I chose my ripped denim skinny jeans and just a plain black shirt. I shower and get changed. My hair was a mess so I decided to wear it in a fishtail braid. I put on my black converse and walk downstairs to find Calum in the kitchen. 

"Looking stunning as usual Kat" he says as he makes his way towards me 

"Thanks" I smile


~ At The Party ~


The house was already full by the time me and Calum got there. I follow Cal through the house till we spot Louis, Michael and Luke. My heart starts racing as we make our way closer to them. 

"Hey guys" Mickey says as he spots us

"Hey" we both replied

"What took you so long?"

"Well Kat is out to impress tonight so she was taking forever"

I hit Calum in the arm, as I feel my cheeks warming up. I look at Luke he smiles at what Calum said.

"I don't know about you guy but I'm gonna go get drinks does anyone else what one?" Louis asks

Everyone accepts the offer except me and Luke. I watch as Louis and the rest of the boys leave. Great, thanks for leaving me guys, what great friends you are. I look back at Luke, he looks up at me and pats at the empty spot on the couch next to him. 

"Come sit down Kat" he says

I sit down next to him, my poor heart was beating out of my chest. We talked for ages, the conversation was slow to begin with but as time proceeded I became more comfortable around Luke and he just became so much easier to talk to. We both decided on finding the others. When we did they were slightly drunk. Let's say they couldn't really walk in a very straight line. I laugh at them as it was quite amusing to watch. 

"So how are you love birds going tonight?" Zayn asks

Neither of us respond to his question

"Come on we all know you two like each other" 

I noticed Luke was starting to get red in the face. Which makes me smile.

"You guys are boring, I'm going to socialize with other people" Louis says 

As he attempts to walk past me, being drunk he knocks me into Luke. Luckily Luke was there or clumsy me would of been knocked to the floor. 

"I'm so sorry" I apologised

I turn to face Luke, my cheeks were hot and I saw that he was blushing also. He looked adorable. We stare into each others eyes. 

"Kat, I have a confession" he starts

It felt like my heart stopped for a split second at his words.

"I..I like you.. I have liked you from the first day we met. You were the quiet type but it was cute how you started getting more outgoing the more we talked. I'm really hope you feel the same" 

I was speechless, come on Kat don't make a fool of yourself. Just tell him you feel the same way.

"I..I like you too Luke" 

I watch as his smile grew. I hear Calum, Michael and Zayn make kissing noises. I look over at them and give them the 'shut up or I'll kill you look'. I turned my attention back at Luke, his cheeks were bright read now and I can feel that mine were too. His eyes found mine, he places his warm hand on my cheek as he leans in. My heart skips a beat when the gap between our lips close. His lips were softer than they looked. The kiss was even better then I could ever imagined it. We pulled away, as he wraps his strong, warm arms around me. This was just perfect..


A/N: I hope you like it!

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