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3. Night Memories ~ Luke Hemmings


"What about this one?" My friend Ashley asks me 

We were out shopping for prom dresses. She walks out in a bright pink dress.

"Nope I hate that colour" 

She groans at me and turns back around to the fitting room. 

"So Em when are you going to start finding a dress?" 

"I'm not going"

"What! you have to go"

"No I don't, I have no one to go with so I may as well stay at home and have a Walking Dead marathon by myself"

"Emily you sound like you have no friends. Come on it will be fun" 

"I don't think so Ash"

My phone vibrates, I look at my phone to see a message from Emma. 

*hey where are you?*

*I'm out dress shopping with Ashley* 

*okay tell me what shop and I'll be there asap* I text her back. Emma and Katy both enter the shop 5 minutes after I reply

"Wow you girls are fast"

"Yeah I needed to get out of the house and I was talking to Katy so we both decided to come" 

"Great, least Ash can get 3 opinion on dress choices" 

"How many has she tried on?" Emma asks 

"6 or 7" I reply

We all sit on the long 3 seater chair outside the fitting rooms. As Ashley kept modelling off all different dresses. 

"Okay girls this is the last dress I'm trying on"

She walks out, the dress was perfect on her, it was a slightly fitted, thin strapped, mint coloured dress, that had matching coloured beads scattered throughout which caught the light. 

"I love it" I yelled 

"Do you really?" She turns to us and we all smile and nod. "Yay, about time too" She smiles

We walk out of the store after Ashley paid of course. 

"So what do your dresses look like?" I ask Katy and Emma

"Well mines a strapless dress that reaches just below the knees and of course its red" Katy says with a smile 

"And mines a short, one strap, pink lace dress. What about yours Em?"

"Yeah well I'm not going"

"But Emily you have to go!" Katy says 

"There no point in going though"

"Luke's going to be there" Emma replies 

I smile at the sound of his name. Luke has been my crush for a while now. We talk every now and then but it's only short convos. We have math together and I sit behind him, so whenever he has a question he always asks me because I'm top in the class.   


~ Night of Prom ~


I open my computer and open up to the third series of The Walking Dead. I was very happy to be able to catch up on one of my favourite TV shows tonight. My phone vibrates on the bedside table. I see it's a text from Ashley. 

*you will never guess what! Luke just came over and asked me where you are!*

Seriously? Am I really going to fall for that trick?

*haha very funny Ash. Luke wouldn't even care about whether I was there or not*

*I'm being serious*

I decide not to reply to her as I continued watching The Walking Dead. Moments passed, just as it was getting up to a really good part I here tapping at my window. I pause the show and walk over, I draw open the curtains to see Luke standing there on the roof. He was wearing long black business pants, a white buttoned up shirt and a black vest over the top. Shocked I stood there (probably looking like an idiot). After a couple of seconds I open the window. 

"Luke what are you doing here?" I asked

"I came to see you obviously" he laughs 

I let him come inside.

"But your suppose to be at prom"

"I was but you weren't there so I was bored and I had no one to dance with" 

"What? So Ashley was telling the truth about you asking where I was?"

"Yes she was" he laughs 

"So you came here to tell me that I was missed?" 

"Yes and I also came here to say something very important"

"Which is?" 

"You know all those times I turned around to ask a question?" 

"Yeah how could I forget those times? You distract me a lot in that class" I laugh

"Well to be honest I didn't need help at all, I just wanted to talk to you"


"Yes and I also want to say that your a really great person Emily, you may not believe me but you are. The first day I met you, you were quiet and really shy. I loved how your brightly coloured red hair was different from everyone else in the class. Over the weeks of talking to you, you have grown out of that stage and have become more outgoing. And Emily I like you" 

Wow that was a lot of words I have to process. Wait... He likes me? I feel a blush creep onto my face as I smile 

"Wow Luke I never knew you could be this cute, but to be honest I like you too"  He smiles at my words as he reaches into his pocket to pulls out a silver bracelet.   

"Yeah I was suppose to give you this at prom but you didn't show up so the plan kinda back fired"  He places it onto my wrist. 

"Your plan didn't back fire this is perfect" I say with a smile as I examine the bracelet.

 look up at his eyes, I watch him as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He goes into his music and starts playing a slow song 

"May I have this dance" 

"You may" I say with a smile

We slow danced to the song, the rest of the night was perfect we continued watching the rest of the Walking Dead series. So it turns out not going to the prom is better than going. 



A/N: I'm sorry it took a while, I just hope the wait was worth it :)

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