Poems for the kind hearted, the broken hearted, the cold hearted, and the pure hearted


26. Soldiers

Three soldiers in a row, head up high
Spent the whole year trying not to die
But when they traveled home
They all spent it talking, like a metronome
Then a storm came rolling in
Each of them gave the other a sorrowful grin
They parted their ways, sad in the eyes
Forgetting the last of their goodbyes
Soldier in the blue 
grew wings and flew
Soldier in the red
Was better off dead
Soldier in the green
last of them seen

Three soldiers once in a row, heads hung low
Each reaping what they sow
Forgotten their dreams, their thoughts, their past
Walking away, oh so fast.

Soldier in the blue 
got a job, working at the brew
Soldier Red, 
laid on their deathbed
Solider Green
got addicted to a crazy, named Morphine 

Put them together, they fought as great friends
Until the storm brought the very end

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