Poems for the kind hearted, the broken hearted, the cold hearted, and the pure hearted


9. Scar on the back of my head

The Scar that stuck to the back of my head
it was stupid, enough said
Spring Break 2013
me and my sister who is about 19
Skating away at Ober  Rink
I kept on falling everytime I blink
holding onto the rail, afraid to fall
but that wasn’t the worst, not at all

My mother, on the balcony, near the end,
talking to her very close friend
she called me from afar
and this is where I get my scar
the ice seeked revenge from me cutting it’s skin
1, 2 ,3 let it begin
the blades lost grip and slipped from under me 
CRACK! And there is my injury
like a watermelon crashing to the floor
don’t think I am going skating anymore

my mother comes running, my sister gives a helping hand
I was so hurt, I could barely stand
I was brought to the front, crying in pain
it felt like I burned my brain
the paramedic ran to my side
giving a ice pack that they provide
holding the ice pack to my dent
well this was time well spent
checking my pupils, making sure I’m alright
after all that excite

No concussion, whew thats great
and never again will I skate
given the ok, free to go
I was still hurt although
I learned a lesson from this scar
something deeper, something far
that nothing is ever how it turns out
or else I would had never decided to pout
all I ever want to do was skate
and here is my final fate


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