Poems for the kind hearted, the broken hearted, the cold hearted, and the pure hearted


13. Me

My name is Allison, as you see

Now this is a poem, all about me

I am fairly tall, but kinda short

But I can make my way around a Tennis Court

I have long brown hair that is a knotted mess

Ask me if I want food and I will say yes

I am not skinny nor really fat

We could have a lovely chat

My favorite color is red, like Gallifrey's grass

Don't come near me with valuable glass 

I am such a nerd, a fangirl if you do

You can scare me by just screaming, BOO

I don't many friends, but the ones I have are the greatest in my life

If you want me to cook, keep me away from the knife

I am fairly smart, but math is not on the top

If you are getting annoying, I will yell STOP

I am 99% of cheese, that is a fact

Being myself, is not really an act

I am me, so you can't judge

Well if you do, I don't a fudge


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