Poems for the kind hearted, the broken hearted, the cold hearted, and the pure hearted


14. Lost

I can't seem to find the path

That leads me away from the town of Wrath

I soon find myself, in Anger Field Park

To where my words are a little bit dark

Then I wander into Annoyed City

Then I have quite a fitty

I get cooled down and I fall into a cave that leads me to Chill Pill Peak

And Happiness Republic is what I seek

But I get lost and find myself in Pain Park

Where everything I see, deepens a mark

I then I find myself back on track

But stopping at Hungry Hill to get a snack

On my way to Happiness Republic is the most beautiful view

It had the most beautiful purplish, pink hue 

The view was Love Valley, where I never stopped

For I would break through the fence and I would have dropped

I keep on walking, to Friendship Island

Where you hear your name be called from the highlands

You stop for a minute, but stay for a year

Then you're on your way, which your fear

Fear Forest is only a mile ahead

You clench your stomach but you are fully fed

You slowly walk in, quickly but scared

You would have never walked through, even if dared

Monsters, spiders in every tree

All you want to be is free

As you run out, you trip of idiots log

Where is starts to fill you with fog

As you stumble your way through School Stretch

Graduating is what you fetch

Math, L.A, Social Studies and Science

To survive you must have a alliance 

This is the world called Life

so to be save, carry some pepper spray and a knife







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