Poems for the kind hearted, the broken hearted, the cold hearted, and the pure hearted


2. Left me crying in the Rain

You told me

that you loved me

for ever and ever.

Then you said, we will be together forever

and we will never, ever break up.


But anyways.


You left my crying in the rain.

Weeping out my pain.

Waiting for you to walk back

to keep me from going insane


You left me crying in the rain.

my heart felt like a crashing airplane

You left me, dying inside

you left me there petrified


You told me that morning

that I was your bae

and that I was as funny as Tina Fey

You kissed me hello

I thought that our love had grown

You hugged me, and held me tight

you told me that you never let go all night

but then you still


Left me crying in the rain

dropping the bottle of expensive champagne.

I was going to celebrate our anniversary

and then you said you were letting me free

but baby I loved you more than life

and sooner or later I would be your wife.

You told me it was you and not me

but you scratched me off like a flea

I thought you loved me

but I guess I was wrong

and thats the reason I wrote this song


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