Poems for the kind hearted, the broken hearted, the cold hearted, and the pure hearted


3. Goodbye

You never said goodbye

You just left up to the sky.

I never saw you after your fall

because all I would do is bawl.

I would nonstop cry my eyes out

my eyes would a waterspout

you were my uncle, no matter what

and I thought you never liked me but

you were still family, I love you so much

if only I could have just one last touch

I wanna hold you hand one last time

I wish I could be there for your climb

your climb to god

everything feels so odd

without your words down on earth

still wondering what my life is worth

everyone flying to god, leaving me behind

was it a life warranty that I signed

not another one to left my side

I didn’t everything I could to stop you, I tried.

Not again, not today, or even just say goodbye


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