He's watching

im 18 years old and im being stalked.He leaves notes everywhere and wants me to go to the forest.


3. victorias pov

when we got inside they introduced themselves to me there was ej, lj, sally, BEN, toby, masky and hoodie, and jeff.They seemed normal but still they were killers how could i treat monsters like them as if they were normal people.then i heard slender calling i walked to the hallway and and saw him standing in front of a door he told me he needed to talk to me he opended the door to his office and he walked in after i did.he sat me down and asked me if i new how my mother died i said yes so he asked me how so i said...

"she died of a heart attack at birth"th room was quiet he then said..

"thats not how she died and shes not dead.''i was shocked i sat there then said.

"how?!"i was so confused.

"while giving birth her human form couldn't take anymore and died."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HUMAN FORM MY MOTHER HAS BEEN DEAD FOR THE PAST 18 YEARS YOU MONSTER!"i couldn't take anymore i ran out the room and blacked out.i woke up in a white room a beautiful woman stood in front of me and smiled she looked angelic. She came closer and said..

"victoria its me your mother"i couldn't beleive it there were liars everywhere i went i screamed at her.

"MY MOTHER IS DEAD I NEVER KNOWN HER OR SEEN HER"then the room turned black she was covered in blood and had a demonic look on her face.

"VICTORIA YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER I TOOK A HUMAN BODY AND HAD YOU SO I WOULDN'T BE ALONE I WANTED YOU TO BE HERE WITH ME!"I started to cry i had always new my mother had to be alive but there was no way this demon was her it couldn't be.

"if you want proof that im your mother then here it is'' she showed me her hand it had the exact same marking as mine.[it was a scar in the shape of a dragon]i was speechless i couldn't beleive that this was my mother 

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