He's watching

im 18 years old and im being stalked.He leaves notes everywhere and wants me to go to the forest.


1. Diary entry 1

  Dear Diary,

he is always watching and leaves single pieces of paper around my house and sometimes he draws x's on top of o's and puts them on my fridge.Anyways I have no where to go literally my mother died while giving birth and my father killed himself that day because he didn't want to have to deal with me.He thought I was the reason she died and thought I was a demon when he first laid eyes on me.The doctor at the hospital told me at the orphanage when he thought i was old enough to hear about this he told me before my father comitted suicide he yelled "DEMON, DEMON, MY WIFE GAVE BIRTH TO A DEMON!"And then he jumed out a 8th story window.My mother on the other hand died after birth of a heart attack the doctor said I didn't have anywhere to go because that same day my grandparents had been brutally murdered by an unknown killer.i could only wait to be adopted.not one couple or single parent even intervied me or whatever i stayed at that orphanage for eighteen years and  im still alone the only difference is i know someone is watching me right now as im writing this.

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