He's watching

im 18 years old and im being stalked.He leaves notes everywhere and wants me to go to the forest.


2. Dairy entry 2

 Dear Diary, 

lately he has been getting alot closer than usual I even saw him.It was night time and I was walking home from my job because I live across the street and don't have a car yet so while I was walking I looked over at the forest near my job and there he was standing. He wore a black suit and had long arms with enticles extending from his back. I tried to tell myself it was all my imgaination but it wasn't I know this now.Only because as soon as I got home I locked my doors and windows hoping this nightmere would go away but when i locked my last window and turned around i saw him standing in front of me. He looked to be 10 feet tall and his arms seemed unusaully long and the tenticals on his back wrapped around me and picked me up thats when everthing blacked out.i woke upon my bed terrified and called the cops.

"hello this is 911 whats your emergancy?"

"yes hello a man with no face who was around 10 feet tall and had tenticles coming from his just attacked me please send someone"I said in a shaky voice.

"Im sorry mam but this is for real emergancies not for your entertainment."she said rudly.I cannot beleive that just happened i got on my laptop and got on google and typed no face black suit and the words slender man popped up on my screen.So i clicked on it and a picture of him came up alog with a little girl i a pink dress a boy in a green costume like three with masks one with googles and one with a disgustingly cut in smile accourding to a webcite I found they're called creepypastas.Im terrified knowing they're real and one of those mosters are trying to kill me.Its getting late but im not going to sleep after what just happened.so im just gonna get on cleverbot and talk about fruit with it.


cleverbot: Hello Victoria

uh hiiiii how do you now my name?

cleverbot:because i''ve been watching you 

your scaring me now 






then all of a sudden a hand popped out of my screen and poked my nose.i sat in fear as my computer suddenly turned off and my television turned on I didn't dare to move as i saw a head pop out of my tv then a body then there was a knocking at my window i got up and walked to the window there four men stood one with googles two with masks and one with a cut in smile. I opened it and watched as they climed in I wanted scream. but the thought that they could kill me screamed me to death then my door bell rang i went to go answer it and in came slender man will with a little girl in a pink dress, a black and white clown, and man with a blue mask. 

"its time"the faceless man said.I simply nodded and went to my room and gathered a few items and followed them throught he woods.We stopped in front of a pair of gates then you proceede to see a huge mansion.

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