My Everything

This is a story about a girl trying to get herself and her sister through life, with no help from her dad. Little does she know, she has an admirer.


2. You've been Warned

His POV The only thing on my mind is her. She is so perfect, but she doesn't love me. I saw her heading up to the college where Logan goes. She loves him, but he doesn't know it. Why can't she love me? I would treat her like my princess and we would be together forever. Jenny's POV I finally arrived at the college. Roaming through the empty halls I peak through the little windows on the doors. I walk up to room 213 and glance at him. He looks so perfect when he's focusing. The bell ring and at once the halls are filled, dozens of people file out of classes and fill the halls. Everyone heading in different directions I back up towards the wall. Feeling someone grab my arm, I turn to look just to see Logan holding on to me, sends me a quick smile and heads towards the doors on the other side of the hall, holding me close so we both make it through. "What are you doing here?" he asks me when it's clear. "I wanted to surprise you and I needed a break from my life." I told him expecting as hug or at least a more warm welcome. He kept looking around, "are you alright, you look worried." "I'm fine," he assures me with a smile, but I could tell something was wrong. Logan's POV I can't believe I'm lying to her like this. It's not only for my safety but for her's that I keep this a secret. "Let's go back to my dorm, my roommate went out with his girlfriend so it will just be us." She nods as I lead the way. "Okay look," I began, shutting the door, "I lied, something has been bothering me, well, more like someone. He came up to me a few days ago and warned me to stay away from you for the safety of both of us." Jenny's POV I froze, not knowing how to respond. "Who would do that?" I thought to myself, at first I thought it was my dad but then I realized that he knows my dad and would tell me. "Do you know who it was?" I could tell he was terrified. "I've never seen him before, but I've had the feeling that I was being followed," he told me, that made chills go down my spine. We were silent for a while before we heard a knock on the door. We both jumped as he got up, and hesitated before looking through the peep hole. A look of relief flew over his face before he opened the door. "Why did you lock the door? Shit, am I interrupting something?!" His roommate asked standing in the door way smiling me, I blushed. "No, we were just talking." He reassured him. "In fact, I was just leaving," I told them both, and left before Logan could say anything. His POV I warned him and was even nice enough to tell him the consequences and he failed to listen, now everything's ruined. Time for Plan B.
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