My Everything

This is a story about a girl trying to get herself and her sister through life, with no help from her dad. Little does she know, she has an admirer.


1. Be Nothing, Feel Nothing

Jenny's POV

"How was school?"  My dad asked with slight slurred words, as I walked into the room. 

"It was fine," I knew he didn't really care, he never really does.  He's never been a huge aspect in my life, always sitting around, doing nothing.  I have three jobs and the money I earn goes towards food, bills, and support for my little sister, Emma.

Everything I have done, I do for her.  I go to school with people I can't stand, I work full time at jobs where I have no idea what I'm doing, I even lie to her when she asks why our dad is always laying on the couch and why our mom went to work and never came home.  Without her I would be nothing, feel nothing.

Today, I'm taking a break from everything.  I got the time off work, and got someone to watch Emma, just so that I can go and see an old friend, Logan  He graduated last year and is going to college on the other side of town now so we barely see each other anymore.  I head down the hall to my room and change into my soccer sweats, a t-shirt, and my black vans.  Heading back towards the door, I notice my drunk dad asleep.  I cover him with a blanket that mom had made me when I was young, grab my keys, and head out the door.


I saw her at school today, she looed amazing.  Had her long hair in nice curls going down her back,  wearing no makeup to let her natural beauty shine.  I love her but she doesn't know it yet.  Without her I would be nothing, feel nothing.

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