Dasiy's Can Kill

~sweet like a dasiy~

~kills like a dasiy~

"Be careful Jonathan she can kill."

Olivia Mossy moves to New York hoping to forget about her dead mother, but in NYC, it's just a big trigger. She finds the bathtub full of water, dead people in her garbage, bloody cloths in a locker. No help there is a serial killer on the loose. And the fact that she thinks she killed her mother. Will it drive Olivia to insanity?


2. ~Two

Later that night we finally finished. The forks were all put away don't worry.

The strange thing was, I swear I saw the bath tub full of water.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I saw the bathtub full.

I asked Fiona if she was going to use the tub and she went off about only using bath tubs on spa days and what ever.

I told her who turned on the tub and she went to look it was empty.

She shook her head at me and left the bathroom.


I sat down at the table in the morning and everyone was silent. No one spoke.

"God! Tell her Daniel!" Fiona broke the silence. There was a pause.

"Ugh. Theres a serial killer around. Targeting girls.... around your age if I didn't mention that already." Fiona's glasses were at the tip of her nose.

I don't even think she need those things anyways.

"Okay what ever." I shrugged. "Its not like they are gonna' pick the new girl."

"What ever, not a big deal. I got to head off." He kissed Fiona on the check.

"Bye, goodluck." And he kissed me on the forehead.

The door opened and a gust of wind came into the apartment.

Once dad left, Fiona went down to her "studio". No one is allowed down there. Its kinda' creepy acutely.

Fiona is a book cover designer and she helps other authors become famous. She's alright i guess.

I don't the first thing about the book industry so I wouldn't know.

I packed my bag and left with out even saying goodbye.

Fiona's probably in her "mood" right now. She does not want to have any social interaction with anyone even to save her life. It's insane.


"Psst, whats number two?" A guy poked my arm in math class today.

Ignored him, he seemed creepy enough no need for a cheater. "Mr. Kirk, quiet." Mrs. Lamb glared at him.

He leaned back to his desk and began scribbling something down on number two.

He wrote down 2065, thats the wrong answer. I don't know how he didn't get it. It's easy.

I finished 9 minutes before the bell rang for our next class. Not that bad. But I could do better.

"Ms. Mossy, a word." Mrs. Lamb called my name. The class was empty and i sat down in an empty desk at the front.

"I am very glad you did not give Mr Eric Kirk the answer to number two but I want to know, why?" She looked right into my eyes, cold.

"I mean your new here, bam, quick easy friend." Her hands were neatly folded and lay on her desk.

"Well, I have done wrong before in the past, something I cant make up for, so why do more when you already done the worst." I sat up and left her speechless.

I told her the fact I have a huge secret but I didn't tell her that my big secret is that I killed my mom.

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