Dasiy's Can Kill

~sweet like a dasiy~

~kills like a dasiy~

"Be careful Jonathan she can kill."

Olivia Mossy moves to New York hoping to forget about her dead mother, but in NYC, it's just a big trigger. She finds the bathtub full of water, dead people in her garbage, bloody cloths in a locker. No help there is a serial killer on the loose. And the fact that she thinks she killed her mother. Will it drive Olivia to insanity?


7. ~Six

(A/N sorry i haven't posted in a while, i am writing a Christmas story and i need it up by Christmas. Hope this makes up!)

I was confused, lost. Unaware of my sourrondings. I sat in a bed full of daisy's. I got startled when I saw them.

Someones just trying to mess with me I thought. I got up, my head hurt and I was dizzy.

"Hello? Anybody!" I shouted hoping for an answer. "Just...me." A voice echoed, a shadowy figure emerged from the shadows.

I stepped back every time it stepped forward. My heart was pounding, my palms began to sweat.

I ran. There was no choice. Then my ghost decided to join, "Dreams are not wishes Daisy."

"Ahhh!" I screamed, crying, I fell to the floor. "Leave me alone!"


I woke up, my forehead was swarmed with sweat and my heart beat started to go down.

It was just a dream. Just a dream. I got up and had a shower. I need to calm my mind. The ghost and the serial killer was driving me crazy, school didn't help either.

I walked into math class, late for the first time. Mrs. Lamb gave me a glare but put it to rest.

"Mossy, I even made it on time." Tyler whispered to me. "Thats great Kingsly." I said back trying to copy the notes on the board.

I was a nervous wreck, nothing made sense. One minute I was here, the next minute I was there.

Then I fainted. I could hear the voices around me. Tylers, Erics, Mrs. Lamb's.

"Olivia can you hear me?" Mrs. Lamb asked. I could, but I just couldn't find the energy to say it.

The principle came in, I seen him before. Once, when I first came to the school.

"Okay, call an ambulance." The principle said, I forgot his name. Did I really need an ambulance.

The red and white truck that when I was a little kid I always wanted to go in? That ambulance?

I could hear the sirens, and a tall woman came in with a strecher, this other guy helped her.

They wrapped me up and hooked up these straps. I don't remember the rest. It was all a blur.


The doctor told me that I may have more fainting experiences and that it may become a thing. So I have to take this pill.

I looked at the orange container, small pills filled to the top. I took one out.

"Here ya' go." Fiona gave me a glass of water, I popped the pill in my mouth, then took a big gulp of water.

"So I have to take this everyday?" I asked, looking at the empty glass.

"Yeah, I guess." Fiona took the glass back. "You get a day off from school."

I nodded, I decided I didn't mind the pills, but how much people will want to help me and stuff. If you didn't know already I am a very independent person.

Fiona sighed and left me alone in the dim lit room. I sat there until dad sent me off to bed.

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