Dasiy's Can Kill

~sweet like a dasiy~

~kills like a dasiy~

"Be careful Jonathan she can kill."

Olivia Mossy moves to New York hoping to forget about her dead mother, but in NYC, it's just a big trigger. She finds the bathtub full of water, dead people in her garbage, bloody cloths in a locker. No help there is a serial killer on the loose. And the fact that she thinks she killed her mother. Will it drive Olivia to insanity?


5. ~Four

I went back to school on Wednesday. It was no fun, it was all homework and things I had to catch up on.

The ghost was no help, every corner I took it felt like something was going to come at me. Then it finally did.


"Hey I Ms. Lam-" I interrupted as he spooked me around the corner. "Ahh!" I shrieked.

"Geez, do I look that bad?" He said flattening his blonde hair. Then there were the stares of my screaming.

"No, nevermind. What do you need?" I said after I calmed down . "Ms. Lamb assigned us partners for our math projects." Eric answered.

"You can have projects in math?" I looked at him. He shrugged. "Okay, meet me in the library at lunch." I started to walk down the hall.

"Wait!" Eric started to say as i was getting further from him. "What about lunch!"

"Bye Eric." I waved to him walking down the hall, not even turning and looking at him when I waved.

It probably looked cool.


"Hey." Eric came into the library. Slouching, he put his bag on the floor and sat beside me.

"Okay, so how does this work?" I asked him. We worked on our project for the rest of lunch.

Eric turns out to be really bad at math and he was suppose to teach me what to do.

Then, Tyler Kingsley walks into the room. "Is this the hot chick you been talking about?" Tyler ask pointing at me. Excuse me?

Eric's cheeks turn rosy red, like a sunburn. "No." He muttered. "Suurre..... Shes not that bad." Tyler sat down beside us.

"Kingsley, what do you want." I said trying to looked ticked off. And I was!

"I just want to know who wrote these messages in my secret notebook." Tyler pulled out a chocolate brown journal and flipped to a page.

On the page, I kid you not, it wrote, Dreams are not wishes Daisy.

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