Dasiy's Can Kill

~sweet like a dasiy~

~kills like a dasiy~

"Be careful Jonathan she can kill."

Olivia Mossy moves to New York hoping to forget about her dead mother, but in NYC, it's just a big trigger. She finds the bathtub full of water, dead people in her garbage, bloody cloths in a locker. No help there is a serial killer on the loose. And the fact that she thinks she killed her mother. Will it drive Olivia to insanity?


6. ~Five

My heart was pounding as I walked down the street. Why did my ghost write in Tyler Kinglsy's journel?

I counted my steps and the times my heart beat. Step, pound, pound. Step, pound pound.

Till I felt a strong force push me too the ground. It was a tall red head with a nose pushed up so far it could touch the sky.

"Why did you talk to Tyler my boyfriend and making him tell you you were hot!" She shrieked.

"Nice to meet you too." I got up from the cold cement.

"Zoe! Why did you do that!" Tyler ran towards us and helped me up.

"She must of hypnotized you or something! Why are you acting strange!" Zoe stomped her foot and shot me a glare.

"Umm.... Hi, I am Olivia. I am just going to go now." I slowly walked away till she grabbed my arm.

"Your not going anywhere." Zoe gritted her teeth. "Leave me alone." I yanked my arm away and walked back to my house.


"Hi sweety..." Fiona smiled as I walked in. I didn't even look at her. "Via?"

I marched in my room and fell on my bed. Why did this girl bug me so much?

Maybe it was the fact that she accused me of something I didn't do? Or it was because she was Tyler's girlfriend.


"Okay Olivia, we have something we need to tell you." My dad said during dinner. He gripped Fiona's hand.

"No Daniel not yet." Fiona shook her head and left went to put her plate away.

I looked at them. "Secrets. I like it." I grimaced and ran up to my room.

I looked at my bed, my eyes started to fill my eyes. "Dreams are not wishes Daisy." My ghost said.

I fell on my bed, full on waterworks. Why would my dad keep secrets from me? He never does! He tells me everything.

It's strange, dad usually never keeps secrets from me, but I manage to keep loads.

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