Dasiy's Can Kill

~sweet like a dasiy~

~kills like a dasiy~

"Be careful Jonathan she can kill."

Olivia Mossy moves to New York hoping to forget about her dead mother, but in NYC, it's just a big trigger. She finds the bathtub full of water, dead people in her garbage, bloody cloths in a locker. No help there is a serial killer on the loose. And the fact that she thinks she killed her mother. Will it drive Olivia to insanity?


3. ~Authors Note (sorry)

Hey sorry for the sudden authors note.

I just wanted to say a few messages before I continue this story!

Okay so I just want to say that I know I'm no professional.

I'm no awesome writer, I posted movellas before but I didn't think they would do well so I put em' down.

I REALLY like this book and I really want to continue it, so please. If your reading this.

Just make a comment or like it! Plz!!!! It would mean the world to me.

Anyways I also wanted to say this book isn't fully yellow rated.

Like it will say some mature words like god, damn, hell. But thats it.

So please don't think this will be a swear and inappropriate book. Because I promise you it's not.

Editing, it will not be the best. I am a perfectionist so it will be okay. Sorry if its not, my hands cant type perfect words. I wish.

Yeah thats it please 1 like, a comment or past 30 reads for next chapter.

Love you bye!

-April Teal

Btw the picture on the cover is not mine, no credit to me at all!

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